Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bath and Body Works Review Suddenly Sauna for Hands

So I was a little iffy about trying this but the guy that worked there actually convinced me and it was 75% off so why not???

What is it? Suddenly Sauna for hands

Where is it from? Bath and Body Works

What is the cost? It retails for $16.00, but it's on clearance now for 75% off, and it comes down to a whooping $4.00!! It's a permanent item but they're changing the look of it...

What it says it does: Our revolutionary hot new hand treatment starts with disposable mitts that slowly warm up when you add water to them. Like luxurious mini-saunas for each hand, the mitt's nourishing moist heat helps your favorite moisturizer penetrate deeper than ever before for intensive hydration and the softest, smoothest skin imaginable.

What I say it does: This is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I love this product. As you can tell in my reaction to the video I love it. It def def def makes your hands smoother and so much softer! It literally works like a sauna and it makes my hands sweat.

PROS: Right now, it's cheap... so it's worth it. It makes my hands soft, and it doesn't take a long time to do it. It's also easy to do.

CONS: None at the moment

Would I buy again? I'm probably going to buy MORe, so yes.. :)

Ok so here's my video, I was kind of weird towards the end cause I was running out of time, but you can see my reaction to it in the video and step by step instructions

And if you don't want to watch my long-ass video.. haha.. here's step by step with pictures on how to use it...





The mitts


What you'll need

3 oz of water and your favorite hand lotion


Poor water into the mitts


While waiting for them to heat up apply your lotion



Put on your mitts

Tab on the mitts


Pull the tab to wear it hugs your wrist


Keep on for 10-15 minutes... you'll actually hear the gloves sizzling!! They're super warm and omg, they make your hands sooo soft!!

Ok girls, that's it... umm just wondering if you girls like product reviews, if so leave me some feedback, ok thanks!!



KRYSTAL said...

thanks girl!! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment =D wow i havent been getting ur updates, good thing u mentioned u changed ur url! gotta follow u again. =D oOO and i loove sweet pea!

Asteri Designs said...

Hey, it's Asteri Designs :) I u/l a pic of a pink/clear ring that I've made from before. If you're interested in purchashing, let me know the colours, size, style (band or bouquet) and location. I'll send you a quote + shipping quote and then once confirmed i'll send an invoice with the info and then create/ship the item once the payment is confirmed.

mszcheysser said...

Hey! You changed your username~ I didn't see the update. Yikes! I have a hard time unfollowing then following your new one. I will figure it out. /:

Karen said...

wow this is really interesting i never even knew this existed hehe; i'm about to go purchase one for my boyfriend since he's a fireman he gets so many cuts in his hand and his hands are kinda rough sometimes hopefully it's still 4.oo when i get there do you know when the sale ends?

& girl what are you talking about you dont know if you will be able to rock it you are gorgeous you can rock anything =]

<33 i say you should Defiantly do more product reviews i love them

lindah said...

I get some, and I don't get some! I will refollow... LOL

those shoes got a shower today :( It was storming so bad in texas! I walked into the doctor's office (which isn't that far) and I was soaking wet!

Angela said...

Thanks for the review :D. Hahaha...Mr. D would laugh his ass off if he saw me using that...maybe something I would have to do while he is at work. He came home early the other night while I had a mask on and he just flipped! LOL! Dang I can't believe I missed all these posts :(

Hanako66 said...

I think I'm going to have to check this out!!

*~k~* said...

great review!
i love how you added a video AND step by step pics :) great idea! :P
those look fun! :P

Karina said...

Thanks for sharing the review on Suddenly Sauna for hands... I like to buy this one from Bath and Body Works...

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Anonymous said...

Bath and Body Works has discontinued the Suddenly Sauna for Hands. However, you can still get them from Meltology. The company launched in September and you can order the gloves and booties from me. I am an Independent Associate Distributor for Meltology. You can order them online at www.OrderMeltology.com or give me a call and I would be happy to answer and questions you may have.

Anonymous said...

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