Friday, June 19, 2009

Naked Desserts

I know most of you must know what Lush... Well while browsing the web I came across a website called Naked Desserts. Everything is under $6.00!!! I found it a few days ago and decided to order from it today. I don't know how well the products work but once I get them I will definitely give a review....

First I got some bath bombs... which are described as "Pop one of these pretty treats into your bath for a colorful,fizzy, fragrant explosion of skin softening sea salt, shea butter and essential oils. These babies are the ultimate in bath bliss!"

I got the Strawberry Banana one

Cotton Candy Bath bomb

Pink Lemonade Bath Bomb

Then I also got one of their soaps which are described as "Our soaps are all hand poured and made from the freshest ingredients. They also include skin softening ingredients like shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E."

So I got this adorable one:

Pearberry Natural Loofah soap

They also have massage bars which are described as "Our Massage Bars are a delight to use. They are much more sensual than having to fiddle with bottles of lotion or creams. Rub product in-between hands or rub directly on body. ( I use mine on my arms and legs when I get out of the shower.) We use moisturizing Shea and Cocoa butters as a base and add our essential and skin softening oils to the mix."

I got the Berries 'n' Cream Massage Bar

They have bubble bars which are described as "Bubble Bars are solid bubble bath. Crumble one of these babies under running water for a mountain of luxurious, fragrant bubbles. ( Break them into pieces for multiple baths)"

I got the Pink Lemonade Bubble Bar

They have bath melts which are described as Drop one of these sweet treats in your bath for a luxurious moisturizing bath like no other. Our bath melts are filled with cocoa butter and essential oils that will soothe and nourish dry skin. These are great for a long soak.

You will receive 3 of these little treats per order. They come wrapped in pretty foil just like little candies."

I got the Fairy Dust Bath Melt

ANDDDD my favorite thing of ALL..... they have bath bombs in the shape of CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's how they describe 'em These cupcakes are almost cute enough to eat! We have combined a Bath Bomb "cake" with whipped bubble bath "icing" to bring you this gorgeous treat. These are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Or to just treat your self!

* How to use: Break the "icing" off of the "cake" and crumble it under running water. Then when your tub is full of bubbles, drop in the "cake" and let the moisturizing oil go to work on your skin!"

I got the pink lemonade one

I encourage you girls to check out the website and I'll give a proper review when I get them in the mail.. I'm EXCITED!!!



ghreizy said...

wooow.. they look delicious ^_^
I want to try those bombs, unfotunately their not available here :'C

Angela Pluck said...

Oh gosh...the cupcake is so adorable!!! I love it..i'll definitely check them out :D.


lindah said...

ooooh that last one looks promising! lol xD

noone said...

wow.. they look like real cupcakes.. I kinda wanna buy one for my co worker and see if he eats it lol!

*~kAy~* said...

those look very nice :)
the cupcake description has to be my favorite too! haha :P
crumble the 'icing' first then add the 'cake' :P very creative...

Can't wait for your review on what you think of these! :)

Iyah Love said...

Hi! Its still available dear :)

email me your paypal addy:

Annisa NF said...

very pretty! thank you for sharing it, dear :)


Tali said...

Oh god..looks amazing!!

Lolita Riot said...

ooohh the last one looks good enough to eat!
also I'm glad you like the cut crease look :) it seriously took me forever and had to redo it more than twice!

Lolita Riot said...

oops forgot to say, you can go to youtube cause theres a couple of tutorials on it :D

Edna said...

MMM all the products look so yummy! Lemme know how they compare to LUSH :)

ohemgeeitspaige said...

these products are so adorable! i especially love that cupcake, it looks real!

but i jsut went to the website & it says it's shut down =[

great blog, keep it up!