Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Prussia Haul Part 4

Whewwww, sorry for the delay!! Been so busy with work and such... I seriously cannot wait for vacation. I am so sick of working, I'm so worn out, it's unreal. :( Today was my last day off before I go on vacation. I'll be working everyday until then, which is next Thursday... *sighs* I also wanted to do a friendly little reminder for my contest. I only have 3 contestants for it so far, I'd like to get some more or I'm going to just extend the deadline. So we'll see. Also don't forget to vote on my poll on the right hand side! I'd like to see what you girls want out of my blog. :) Anyway, last Saturday was my cousins grad party. I didn't get any pictures, but these are from my cousins camera....

The bonfire...

Me and my cousin doing a rain dance around the fire... yes we were drunk hahaa

Me and my Aunt dancing... lol

I made 200+ Jello shots for that fateful evening haha


I didn't really get any pictures, it rained most of the time and towards the end of the night I was... well... not in the right state of mind, so ya. haha

So anyway, onto my haul from King of Prussia/Philadelphia Premium Outlets...

I only took a few pictures of what I got, everything else is in the video...

Here's another new charm from the Juicy Couture Outlet $29.99



From Wet Seal



From the Guess Factory Outlet




I also decided to try to do the whole watermelon toenail look that a lot of the girls on the blogs have been doing... So here's my take... it's not perfect!!! But I tried haha :)





lindah said...

cute toe nails! I want to try that now xD I like your charm for the bracelet and I like the cupcake shirt! :) I bet you look hot when you go to work ;D lol

KRYSTAL said...

cute nails!! and i love that juicy charm! super cute!

Rai said...

lol @ Jello Shots.

Cute stuff!

I love your nails, I think it looks cute. I WANT TO TRY IT!

KRYSTAL said...

hello gorgeousss here is my entry! pls check it out when you get the chance

josie(bean) said...

Cute blog! Also I totally wanted to get that watermelon pedi too for the summer and I think yours turned out awesome :D

lindah said...

hey sweetie! I made a look for your contest but I think it's a little too late to enter? I'll post it up anyways tomorrow because I said I was going to do a look and I don't wanna just be a "talker" lol :) Check out my blog tomorrow night if you get the chance ;D

A said...

I love a good bonfire at a party!

The watermelon toenails look awesome!

Great buys as always, LOVE the charm bracelet.

I hope Thursday comes super fast for you! :) xx

noone said...

I LOVE all of your juicy charms!!! They are so adorable! And thanks for the sweet comment on my post, I actually used eyelash glue to stick the pedals on my face. I figure it's meant to go near the eye, so it shouldn't blind me. hehe

Angela Pluck said...

Looks like you had fun at your cousins grad party. And OMG your aunt looks so cute and that pic :D. I love it! Also, great haul and I loooooooove that f'n charm bracelet (the one with the sea horse)!!!!

Angela Pluck said...

Wait or is it a scorpio?? shit....

Angela Pluck said...

Ahhahahaha! I'm spazing out over's a scorpio as you said in the video! LOL! It's time for bed for me!

*~kAy~* said...

haha! the rain dance <--u'r so cute :P
the juicy charm is so cute! <3
n aww.. ur cupcake top... :P

ah! watermelon toes!! <3 em!!!