Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Look Entry for SassyJadore

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Wow! My second contest I'm entering!! For this one it's for Sassy Jadore. Simply create a summer time look!! This contest set me right in the mood for the beach... which btw I can't wait for!!

My inspirational photo for my make up is actually from Long Beach Island, I actually took this picture last year because I love how the sky, ocean and beach look... so I thought I would incorporate that into my make up look.. :)


Here's my make up look for the contest:


And my outfit for the contest:


This is the summary for the contest:

I picked this summer makeup look because I love all the colors of the photo of Long Beach Island, the pinks/blues/tans/browns... it's just your typical beach scene at night, which is my favorite time of day at the beach. And I picked the outfit because you can't go wrong with a simple dress. It's so easy to throw on and perfect for just lounging and that's what I love to do at the beach!! And of course you need your beach bag and towel!! ;)

Here's the products I used:


And... these are just additional photos I like...








Hahah I camwhored... :)


KRYSTAL said...

beautiful!! love the outfit and eye makeup! you look extra stunning with ur sun glasses... =]

Angela Pluck said...

Woah! Very pretty! Good luck with the contest sweet stuff. Your dress is really cute too :D. But as always you have the cutest stuff!!! Grrrrrrrr...

Rai said...

Super cute! Perfect for summer.
Good luck. :]

Sassy J'adore said...

Hi sweetie~
Thanks for entering my contest. =)
I really like your take on summer look and it sure says summer time and to hit the beach. hehe.
You look gorgeous. <3

A said...

Gorgeous!! You did a great job of recreating the beach scene on your eyes :)

Good luck!!

Shortiee31 said...

You look so bronzed and summery! Gorgeous :) x

Sherry said...

love the look you are so cute! :)

*~kAy~* said...

love your necklace!!! <3 soo so summery! :P
pretty look for summer! :)