Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Post: Favors Part 2

I got an e-mail from about a sale they had going on, and I decided to check it out. I found a bunch of stuff I'm interested in for the wedding, but in particular these candies that you can personalize. It would be the perfect touch to the candy favors.

I was talking to my bridesmaids about it, as they are a little pricey (because of the personalized labels), that we could possibly print out own labels from a printer to put on them. I'm really interested in getting the Hershey Kisses in the Silver Foil and having the bottoms personalized (Yes, you can choose the kind of foils), they also have different flavors you can choose from, which I thought was a good idea.


They also have M&M's you can personalize, and you can choose the specific color you want.


And also I like the idea of the Hershey Chocolate Bars with the wrappers, I would obviously pick the pink. :) But it's $29.99 just for 100 labels, not including the chocolates.


Just thought I would share some of the ideas I found, hope maybe this helps with your planning. You don't even have to do what I'm doing you can just have the candies in a bowl for people to munch on, or even just place at the tables for a little snack. :)

I'm going home tomorrow and this weekend I'm going shopping for those jars for the favor stand. Wish me luck!


Mere said...

I did the M&M's for my wedding and I loved it. I put this in mini cardboard personalized boxes tied with a ribbon.

The Kisses are adorable!

Mere said...

Hey! Thanks for my comment as well. Party City sells the M&Ms without personalization in the store in the same colors they sell online. You can order from M&M online too even if you don't personalize. Good luck! :-)