Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Collective Haul

Just a random collective haul from different stores. 

Unfortunately I don't have real good photos of the items, but I wanted to do this post anyhow.

I spent my last full day off cleaning our apartment. I finally unpacked everything. I'm so proud of myself.
I organized and cleaned our bedroom. I even cleaned the bathroom.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to organize and clean our kitchen. 
My family is coming down this Thursday to spend the day with me for my birthday.
My birthday isn't until Sunday, but this is the only time they can come down.
I'm so excited to have visitors. :D

Houndstooth skirt. $16.99

 This dress is so pretty on, and unfortunately my iPhone deleted some photos when it updated, so I don't have the photo of me trying it on.
But it has a low back and flares a bit at the waist

Lace all over top.

Flowy lace top.

3rd in the series!

Did anyone else take advantage of the $2 Ulta nail polish, originally $6. 
I bought 5 of them and had a coupon for $3.50 off. 
Ya, I over did it. 

The fiance and I were walking passed Littman in the mall and he saw a charm on the posters that they have outside.
Well the one charm said "Live love Laugh" (My favorite saying of all time)
And he said how I needed that.
Well, he bought it for me!
It was so sweet for one that he remembered that I love that saying, and secondly for him to just buy it for me. It's the small things. <3

I wanted some good fall candles, but ended up getting these ones.
For some reason they don't sell Pumpkin Cupcake in the 3 wick. 
At least at the 2 Bath and Body's that I was at.

Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow for me.
I'm so thankful for a 3 day week.
It's nice! :)

Have a good night everyone!


Schnelle said...

Great haul! I love the hounsdtooth skirt. The candles must smell amazing and what a great nail polish collection.

lauren said...

i SOOOOO wore that navy blue KOHLS dress YESTERDAY!!!!!! got so many compliments on it! we def have the same taste :)

PS. how are you wearing yours? with boots? i had a difficult time finding leggings to wear underneath it (i didnt want to be too matchy matchy but the one i chose looked odd, and i wore my new brown boots)

lindah said...

I smelled pineapple mango yesterday and felt like I was about to drool! LOL