Saturday, October 6, 2012

Old Navy: Fitting Room Pics

Today I went shopping at Old Navy, I don't know what is drawing me in there but something is!
I'm finding SO many cute things!
I went there to look for a dress that I could wear for my birthday.
What I'm loving about Old Navy is that their dresses are actually long enough for me, I'm 5'8-9"ish and it is so hard to find dresses that pass my rear. lol.

Anyway I found a bunch of great finds. 
Their fleece coats were on sale for $15 from $34.95
I don't have an orange one and it's perfect for the season.

This top was on clearance for $12.99

I enjoy it tucked in.

Long body con skirt $19

Cute dress for $29.94

And this was my outfit for the day. 
Charlotte Russe cardigan, Decree jeans, Charlotte Russe leopard flats

This weekend is treating me really well. 
Last night I went out with friends and co-workers and had a blast.
Tonight I'm heading out with my best friends and I'm so excited. 

I don't have a whole outfit post but here's what I wore last night. 
Sequin top: Forver 21 and Stripped blazer: Marshalls
and I just paired it with skinnies.

My friend and I ordered a S'more's martini, delicious!

My mom bought me a pumpkin cupcake, how cute! 
I'm still trying to finish it, it's SO big!

Anyway, have a nice Saturday night everyone!


Schnelle said...

That cupcake is so cute!!! I wanted one of those coats before I went on vaca but they didn't have them in yet. Did you find it at the Wyoming Valley store? That's such a great deal.

lauren said...

i like the bodycon skirt~ that is so cute!!!! i really enjoy the buttons on your cardigan that you wore out- that would attract me to buy it! :) and i'm now thirsty for that smores drink.