Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 New Years Resolutions Revisited

I made a list of New Years Resolutions last year and I wanted to revisit them to see and show my progress! I feel that I completed 95% of it and I am happy with this past year, 2012 was truly good to me, and I am very thankful for it. :)
So, lets start with revisiting what my new years resolutions actually were:

  • My first resolution is to blog more. I like to blog once a day, but I want to blog about different things. I love posting my hauls(Mostly because it reminds me of what I bought and have) but I want to expand to different things. I'd love to do more makeup tutorials or more makeup reviews. First I need to realize that type of thing takes time and a lot of time I don't have a lot of time to sit down and edit pictures, they come as they are, raw and uncut! Also, my page, it's boring and almost a year old since I last did something with it. It's time to sit down and learn to edit my page. So expect changes coming! Also, I'm curious, what would be interesting posts for you to read? Since you guys are my readers you guys get what you want first! So, let me know!! :)

  • Did I accomplish this? Well to answer this question, I would have to ask my readers; YOU. Do YOU think I blogged more?! In my opinion, I feel like I blogged less. I say this because I was at a point where I was blogging everyday in 2011 and in 2012 with my senior year of college it was a lot tougher to find time to blog. Not only that I had an internship this past fall that took up a lot of my time.
    Also, I did not blog about what I wanted to blog about. I stuck with what I was use to blogging about. I did begin to blog more about the happenings in my life, and I think that will stop. I found I lost readers when I did this. I didn't have as much traffic to my blog when I did this either. In 2013, I will strictly stick to hauls, beauty, and OOTD's. But I will talk more on that in a different post.
  • Do something drastic with my hair. My hair cut has been the same for 3 years now, maybe longer, it's definitely time for a change. I change my hair color quite often, but definitely not the style. I'm thinking bangs. I've been tossing that idea around for a while, so it's time. Maybe I'll start with side bangs and work from there.

  • Did I accomplish this? Yes, I got bangs! I finally did bang this year!! Currently it's a love/hate relationship, more of a love relationship than hate. I'm finding it harder to keep up with them, but I will try to continue throughout 2013.
  • Save money!! This one is inevitable, I just have to. I'm 25 and I'd like to have a nice cushion by the time I'm 30.

  • Did I accomplish? Ehhh, I didn't save any money in 2012 unfortunately. It's so hard when you have an apartment and doing everything on your own. So I will continue with this goal in 2013, but will do a separate post on this!
  • I'd like to start working out 3 times a week. My friends and I are doing that Hot Yoga again this friday and I felt absolutely amazing after so this is a good start. Tomorrow I'm going to head to the store to pick up a Yoga Mat for our next session. It'll be nice to throw that in there once a week while I'm working out at home. But let's be honest, who doesn't put this on their resolution list? :)

  • Did I accomplish this? Yes! In 2012 I lost nearly 20 pounds!! I also completed 2 rounds of Insanity. I am very proud of myself! I would show before and after but I decided against it.
  • Graduate! 2012 is the year I'm finally graduating, it's been such a long so-many years of college and I'm super excited to finally be done with it all. I have 2 more semesters, so I'll be graduating in the fall of 2012 and I honestly can not wait!!

  • Did I accomplish this? This was SO hard for me, but I did!! This past semester was extremely hard for me. I went out of my comfort zone and had to do a speech and a lot of presentations. I almost wanted to quit, but I did it. I officially have a bachelor degree and couldn't be more proud of what I've done. :)
  • Learn to cook. I mean actually cook a meal. I love to bake, and I feel like baking comes naturally to me, so learning to cook would be a wonderful addition. haha. :) It'll also make my fiance happy and that's always a good thing!

  • Did I accomplish? YES! I learned SO many different meal recipes. This past semester I was the one cooking dinners, and I was making different desserts as well! I feel very accomplished with this task and couldn't be happier. I will continue to grow our recipe collection for our children{when we have them that is haha}
    Chicken and dumplings.
  • Go somewhere new. I don't really care where it is, I don't have an specific place in mind, but every year I put this on my resolution list because I think it's important to do something new once in a while. Whether it be go to a new city or state you've never been to or even just a restaurant you've been wanting to go to, I think this is always a good thing to put on your list. It could be just a store you've been meaning to go to, but never yet gone there, well make it a goal to go there within the next month, I mean why not?! You've been wanting to go, so go!

  • Did I accomplish? YES! My fiance and I went to a lot of new places this past year and my favorite has to be Philadelphia. I've been there a lot of times before, but this year we explored. I went to Reading Terminal Market, Philly Cupcakes, Terror Behind the Walls(Something I've been wanting to do for years now!), Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia Eagles game and SO many other places.
    Surprised my fiance with a trip to a Philadelphia Eagles game. Our first game!
  • Lastly, stop tanning. This year I will be experimenting with many different self tanners and become best friends with one. I need to stop tanning, it's so unhealthy and makes you look so much older than you really are. I don't really want to stop this, but I know I just have to! It's addicting and it's time. I'm 25 and I need to get over the whole tanning phase.

  • Did I accomplish? Some what. I did not go to a tanning bed besides for one week and only ended up going 3 days. I did tan at the beach though. So I can say I am happy for what I did. I did not tan 4 months like I was doing! I look at myself now and I'm happy with being pale. :) I will continue to use self tanner though! My fiance says I look a lot younger (my age) and he likes that I don't tan anymore and so does my dad. I'm tan free! haha.
    So me, in late 2012, a paler version of me with darker hair. I love my darker hair. I need to dye it now though, it's faded away so much!
    2012 was truly a great year for me. It was filled with so many memories! I am open minded and bringing on 2013 with a positive attitude. Soon I will do post on my resolutions. Which have been thoroughly thought out.
    So did everyone stick with their 2012 resolutions?


    Veronika said...

    kudos to you for not tanning anymore :) now step 2 is to get a full skin check at the dermatologist to make sure none of your moles are irregular. I worked at a tanning salon in college and now I'm considered high risk and have to go every 6 months. I have had a few moles removed but they were all okay, thank God. Prevention is the best medicine. Happy 2013!

    lauren said...

    i'm so excited for you that you've accomplished so many of your resolutions. that is so awesome. i got the side bangs too ;) and they look cute. i did notice you posted LESS however you did have a legitimate excuse. what i'd like to see from your blog is your OOTD's and hauls! thats what attracted me to your space in the first place back in 2011! gosh, i've been following you that long! :) i like the occasional life-story as well :-)