Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentines Day Nails & Nail Polish Haul

Happy Thursday everyone! Just one more day away from the weekend!! Woot Woot!! :)
Yesterday the fiance and I went out to eat and decided to stop at TJMaxx. I found a bunch of cute nail polishes there for cheap! They even had Sephora by OPI for $3.99. But no colors I really wanted. Instead I found cute E.l.f. ones and Nicole by OPI ones.

 photo DSC01335_zpsbb36e663.jpg
I am in love with this blue color. It's such a pretty light blue with a bit of shimmer to it. It's so cute. Unfortunately both of the colors are from the Kim Kardashian collection, but they are pretty! This set was $5.99
 photo DSC01336_zpsa949355c.jpg
 photo DSC01339_zpscd2a02d4.jpg
The other set I picked up was these mini nail polishes by Elf. The whole reason I picked it up was for the teal color to your left. There is no names for them, so I apologize. The set was $2.99
 photo DSC01337_zps9192dd46.jpg
And lastly, my nails I did for Valentines Day. Will they last till Valentines Day? No. But I don't care, I'm in the spirit. haha.
 photo DSC01340_zps747b5c1f.jpg
 photo DSC01342_zps49d31ed6.jpg
I finally got the opportunity to use the Sally Hansen nail art pen and they are so awesome! SUPER easy to use, and dries very quickly, so worrying about smudging. The color is coral.
 photo DSC01344_zpsa7c7c163.jpg
Have a good Thursday everyone!!


Natasha xoxo said...

Love the Spring colors!

xo, tasha
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Sybil said...

i love tjmaxx for they nail polish deals!! we have an equivalent here in canada called "winners" works the same as marshalls or tjmaxx! :)

great polishes you got!!!

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RaeAbigael said...

lovely nails! i wonder where I can buy a nail art pen here in my country :/ visit my blog too dear?

Rae \(^o^)/
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