Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bath and Body Works Haul

If you follow me on Instagram(vzaleski) you would know I recently took a trip to Philadelphia for my fiance's and I 10 year anniversary. Big deal, I know! :D We are also now back at school (For my fiance) and we just came back yesterday. So I apologize for the lack of posts this weekend. But I do have a lot in store for you guys! First I'd like to finish up my haul from the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. I have things I bought from Bath & Body Works, and Spyder.

This Sweat Pea candle I got for $4.75! I should have bought more, it was such a good deal! I also picked up Sweet Pea lotion with shimmer it in, I thought it would be nice for the summer when I'm nice and tan. This was also 75% off along with the body butter.
 photo DSC01278_zps31feee7a.jpg
 photo DSC01279_zps50fb8438.jpg
I finally picked up the Sweet in Paris body spray. 75% off.
 photo DSC01277_zps682cb73d.jpg
New traveling shampoo and conditioners. On sale for $3.99 each. I love these, they last me forever.
 photo DSC01276_zps02fc77d6.jpg
I also picked up this body lotion that is suppose to boost your mood. I've used it twice now and I love the scent of it, and I feel like it does lift up my spirits a little bit. Probably because it smells so good.
 photo DSC01284_zps3f5f6d83.jpg
At Spyder I splurged a little bit. My fiance went snow boarding and picked up snow pants and I found this adorable fleece tunic. It fit me like a glove. I absolutely love it. I also love how the neckline goes high too.
 photo DSC01280_zps492b2614.jpg
 photo DSC01282_zpsc9187d2d.jpg
 photo DSC01283_zpsb714856a.jpg
Have a good night everyone!


Unknown said...

Cute stuff. I have to pick up some more wallflower scents from there :-)