Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Jewelry

Happy May 1st & Happy Wednesday!

It's 75 degrees here today, it's SO beautiful.
I hope it's nice and sunny where you are. 

I want to head out in a little bit and enjoy the weather. 
It's too nice of a day not too!

So I had a gift card to Wet Seal from Christmas, and I don't really like to shop there any more because I find I don't like a lot of stuff their any more. Some things, but not like I use to.

SO I decided to pick up some jewelry and cute headbands.

I actually completely forgot I bought this stuff until the other day when I was cleaning, it was a nice little find. :)

I apologize, I don't know the prices on these because I already tore off the tags from them.
They're such pretty spring colors. 
And I believe my new favorite color for the spring is mint. 
It's such a pretty color!

Anyway, that's all I have for everyone today. 
Go out and enjoy the weather! 



Kelsey Bang said...

love those fun flower earrings! such great colors!

lauren said...

totally the best when you find items you forgot you had! yes mint is such the color this season! they are cute.

Holly said...

Lucky you with your warm weather! We were in the 30s this morning... but it could be worse- we could have snow! Haha :)

I love those little flower earrings; they're so pretty! And I'm loving mint too this season, but I'm finding myself drawn toward coral clothes for some reason :)

Tiffany said...

Every now and then I find a great blouse from Wet Seal! I'm always shocked too! Love the Peach and Mint flower earrings!

Thanks for your sweet comment! And, for following! Congrats on the new job!! I'm following back and can't wait to see some of your new outfits for the job! :)

Unknown said...

Love it! And I love your blog! Follow me back maybe? :)

xx Brooklyn xx

Unknown said...

Love the colors! And I love your blog! Follow me back? :)

xx Brooklyn xx

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Such cute earrings! I totally forgot about Wet Seal.


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