Monday, May 6, 2013

Very Random Haul

Happy Monday!

And that dreaded Monday is back.

This Monday is a little different for me. 
A couple girls and I at work are doing the Couch to 5K program.
We started today. 
I believe we walked 3 miles. More than what is required. 
But we didn't run. Boo.
Hopefully Wednesday. We're trying to do it every Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

I really want to run. 
Never been able to do it, and I'm hoping with this program it'll get me into it.
We will see!

I have a really random haul for you today.

 photo DSC01746_zps4c2d4788.jpg  photo DSC01747_zps125ec47f.jpg  photo DSC01748_zpsd5928ab8.jpg  photo DSC01749_zpsaa2ab33a.jpg  photo DSC01750_zps8794c8f6.jpg  photo DSC01751_zps55434e5b.jpg

Got some new nail polish which ended up being free because I had a $10 off coupon! 
And I wanted to try this new Neutrogena lip balm.
I used it the other day. I love the color. It's very subtle. Which I like because I don't normally wear lip stick/lip gloss. So this one works me for. 
Next time I wear it I'll post a picture on Instagram (vzaleski). Maybe tomorrow!

So I'm hoping with doing this new program I have more energy. 
And after doing the program today I realized how out of shape I am.
Last year around this time I was doing Insanity, and I don't know how I did it. 
I tried walking and I'm out of shape.
I blame sitting at my desk and sitting in the apartment all the time.

The fiance and I plan on purchasing bikes in the near future to go on bike trails in this area. So I'm really excited for that, and so is he. We just need to get more active. 

Anyway, have a great Monday night!


Unknown said...

That polish is so pretty!

My fiancé and I have bikes, it's so much fun to go off on little adventures. I have a basket so we can take a picnic :)

Amelia @! :) xxx

Jasmin said...

Love the polish. Have a fun Monday. Hope you got your run on. AHA!

Юлия said...

Have a nice working week. Vivid pictures.

Unknown said...

Nice stuff you got. I want that polish :D

Holly said...

Oh, I love that nail polish! And I just scored free shower gel with the same coupon, I think :) gotta love a good deal!

Ps, following you now on Instagram!

Unknown said...

I love the nail polish! Thanks for the follow!
xo Raquel

Schnelle said...

Such a pretty color!