Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Forever 21 & New York and Company Haul and Fitting Room Pics

Happy Tuesday!

This isn't my big haul, but it's the haul from when I went to Harrisburg for my business conference. 
I went to the Forever 21 there and it wasn't that big, but it was still a Forever 21 and I was happy to be in one. It's so hard to find a Forever 21 that is close. The closest to me is 2 hours. Bummer. 

I also stopped in New York and Company. 
It's my go-to for work attire. 

This past weekend I went to Philadelphia to go shopping (fiance surprised me and booked a hotel, he's too good to me :D) So I am going to have a pretty big haul coming up. 

Anyway, here are some of the things I purchased.

This crochet top will be perfect for the cruise/beach. What color tank should I wear under it? I was thinking a neutral color or possibly a black or yellow? I know two extremes. I guess it'll depend on the bottoms.

  photo DSC01740_zps1a0291a5.jpg 

The pink lace top will be for work. It's a tee. It would also be good for the cruise, but I think it's more work appropriate. 

 photo DSC01741_zpsfdf90f6d.jpg 

 I love this headband. I don't know what is it with me and headbands lately, but I love them. It's a different element to add to your hair. I always wear my hair down so this adds to it.

 photo DSC01742_zpsc5235b72.jpg 

 I also picked up these capri's from New York and Company. I got them for $19.98. Not bad considering their pants are a little more expensive than I am use to. 

 photo DSC01743_zps07878aa9.jpg 

 Fitting room pictures:
Lace top with a black tank underneath.

 photo IMG_2928_zps32835cab.jpg

A dress I tried on, but didn't purchase because it was too short. It does look cute though. Tall problems. :/

 photo IMG_2930_zps84fffc00.jpg

Lace top; notice the jean jacket? It was so comfortable but it was tooo big and it was a small. I decided against because I have another jean jacket just like it. But how does everyone feel about jean jackets? Love it or hate it?

 photo IMG_2932_zpsa2009d3d.jpg

I want to share some pictures from Harrisburg while I am at it. 
Unfortunately, the only time I was able to site see was at night because of the conference. But I did manage to see some things: 

 photo DSC01732_zps3ed5bd91.jpg 

The fiance came down the first night and after work he surprised me with these cupcakes.

 photo IMG_2923_zps18041070.jpg 

They were HUGE! I'm such a lucky gal and very thankful!

 photo IMG_2925_zps39485f12.jpg


I wanted to give a quick update on my Couch to 5K. 
I just want to make it known that I don't run. Ever. I walk. Fast. 
But I don't run.

Today, after work I made it a point to go run.
I changed into my work out clothes, put in my new ear buds(will post later), and walked out the door.

I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but once I got moving it was good. 
I didn't run the whole way. I walked and then ran, then walked, ran. It was my way of getting into it.
But I will tell you what, what a stress reliever that is! Just walking, alone, no one talking, listening to your music, and the sun shining in your face, it was beautiful. I need to do that more often!

I wasn't technically suppose to run today because I will be tomorrow, and the lady(the CEO, how intimidating!!!), who I will be running with tomorrow says I shouldn't run today, but ease into it. Well I ran anyway because I want to do this, and once I get my mind set on something I stick to it. And I was disappointed I didn't run yesterday because the other girl didn't want to. :/        

So yea! I ran today. Are you guys proud?! :)

Just think of all the cute sneakers!!!


Unknown said...

totally loving the white crochet skirt! <3
would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

Holly said...

Good for you on running! I never was a runner, but I'm now comfortably running for thirty minute stretches- you'll get there too! It feels great :)

I love that crochet top- I'd wear neutral/beige underneath, but the black looks nice too :). As for jean jackets, I have one I've been wearing forever, but I'm still not up for denim on denim :). Not brave enough!

Unknown said...

Love the headband! <3 I always wear my hair down as well! :)


xx Brooklyn xx