Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cruise Shopping

Happy Wednesday!

I had a hard time deciding on what purse to bring on the cruise ship.
I don't even know if I'll be carrying a purse half the time.
Will I?
I don't know. 

Either way. I knew I didn't want to carry something big OR heavy. 
I wanted to keep in minimal.
Since I can't use my actual debit card (since I will be linking it up to my room key) what's the point in carrying my big wallet or any of the other items I barely use.

All I need is my room key, passport, cash and my camera. 
I won't even be using my phone! *GASP* (Speaking of that, I don't know what I'll do without my blog, email, instagram, pinterest, or facebook for a WHOLE week)

So anyway, I decided on a small Coach wristlet. But not the tiny ones, I have a tiny one, I bought the size up from that. And since I'm not a big Coach user, I don't know the name of it.I purchased it for $49. Originally $98 at the outlets.

 photo DSC01834_zps5dc8d703.jpg 

 I love the pink color of the tag. 

 photo DSC01835_zps7ed42e38.jpg  photo DSC01836_zps088473d0.jpg 

And my fiance purchased this adorable charm set for me. $19. Perfect for the beach! 

The only thing I worry about is carry it around. But maybe since It's so light it won't be that much of a burden.
Keep your fingers crossed. 

Anyway, I'm exhausted. 
I had such a long day at work, and will have another long day tomorrow. 
I have so much to do to before the cruise.

Have a great night everyone! 


Elaine Welte said...

When I cruise, I carry a beach bag w/ me; large enough to hold my towel, book, and a bottle of water. Then, I'd take a cute clutch to dinner!