Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinterest Project - Mothers Day Gift

Happy Wednesday!

I am two days away from graduation and 10 days away from my cruise. 
I can't believe it, time is flying by!

I apologize for not blogging the past two days. 
I am still training for my 5K in July with girls at work, and we had a site visit at the place I work for, so it's been a few late nights for me. 

Anyway, I wanted to share my present for my mom this past Sunday for Mothers Day. 
It's an idea I got off of Pinterest {of course}

 photo 8ea9c832f7b581f821af410cbb70d103_zps00557153.jpg
The only thing I did differently is the bird bath on top. I have no clue where to purchase one. :/ 

  photo IMG_3093_zps6a0f620c.jpg  photo IMG_3095_zpsbc730143.jpg  photo DSC01778_zps534aa094.jpg  photo DSC01780_zpsf5df782d.jpg  photo IMG_3125_zps41284b2b.jpg  photo IMG_3119_zpsfc968fc1.jpg 

The comparison between the two. Pinterest version to your left, mine to the right. 

One thing we did differently was my dad decided to use a pipe and weld in onto a round plate. In the original she used a rebar which only allowed you to plant in the ground. The round plate allows you to put anyway and gives it more stability.
It was a fairly cheap project to do, and a lot of fun. 
My family LOVED it. 

I was really excited to find the same color paint too. 
It's from Home Depot. 
The only complaint I have is that the paint didn't cover well, and I'm afraid it will peel or come up quickly. 
I think I should have sanded it down a little better for the paint to stick a little better. 
But we will see how well it lasts up for the summer. :)

Anyway, have a great Wednesday night! <3


Holly said...

That is adorable!! I've seen it on Pinterest, but I was skeptical about how well it would work in "real life." Yours is great!!

Unknown said...

So cute! Looks easy too
Rebecca x
Ze Makeup