Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduation Outfit & Pictures

Happy Monday!

Saturday was the big day.
College graduation.

I was able to spend it with my family, John and my future mother in law. :)

I have pictures of the outfit I wore {a dress I bought awhile ago} and pictures of the graduation.

Please take note that my ombre is gone. 
I colored over it, and added high lights. 
What do you think?

I didn't add much highlights, just enough to give it dimension. 

 photo IMG_3147_zps3d75626e.jpg  photo IMG_3148_zpsad408d48.jpg 

I Heart Ronson Lace dress 
 photo IMG_3150_zpsc1f3e9c7.jpg 

 Jcpenney flower flip flops. 
 photo DSC01801_zps6bd59d09.jpg 

My parents. <3

  photo DSC01804_zpsd03c034f.jpg 

 Fiance & I.

 photo DSC01805_zps16da879c.jpg

My brother and I.
 photo DSC01809_zps74c5c379.jpg

My mom was crying the whole time. lol

 photo DSC01814_zpsa83cef1c.jpg


 photo DSC01815_zps14a3ed1a.jpg

Lots of roses. haha

  photo DSC01816_zpsb46a3efe.jpg 

 I bought vases from Wal-Mart for .97 each. Cut down the roses a lot and added them to the little vase.

 photo DSC01817_zpse9369fe7.jpg  photo DSC01818_zpsa9cdede1.jpg 

How I decorated my cap. This was a saying I got from a friend right before I went away to school. It's a little sign I have on my desk, and it kept me motivated and going while in school, believe it or not. :)

  photo DSC01840_zps20b80da0.jpg 
Graduation cap charm from my mom. <3 

 photo DSC01841_zpsba1516e4.jpg  photo DSC01842_zps1f488212.jpg

Yayyyy Hello Kitty graduation post it's. I use post it's like crazy at work.

 photo DSC01844_zps634889c8.jpg  photo DSC01845_zps87c7c56a.jpg 

Now that the excitement is all over for graduation, onto prepping for the cruise. :) 


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you!
I like your gifts too.

lauren said...

congrats grad!!!

so- did you not like the ombre anymore?

did you do the hair yourself/and highlights by yourself? looks great!

Ashley said...

Congratulations on graduating!

RosyChicc said...

Congratulations hun! :) Such lovely photos and your dress is to die for! <33

I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


Holly said...

So cute! I love your outfit! And congrats again :)