Friday, August 1, 2014

Nail Art - Fishtail & Pineapples - with Tutorials!

Happy Friday!

I have some very exciting things happening this weekend. Saturday is my best friend's sons 1st birthday party!!!! I can't wait! & Sunday is Lady Antebellum concert in Atlantic City on the beach. I am behind excited, it's my first concert ever. :)
Anyway, I have some nail art that I haven't shared yet on my blog that I did in the month of July.
I had a little fun this month with experimenting with nail art. I finally conquered the fishtail nail polish art and some pineapples(Which may or may not have looked like pineapples, but I still loved them & so did the fiance, so that's all that matters right?!)

This was in Atlantic City, we had green tea ice cream, it was pretty good!
 Below is the tutorial I followed. As you can tell it didn't come out as good as the photo. My manager, the CFO, thought they were bugs. Haha.

This actually took me a whole hour, and I'm glad I only did the accent nail. The trick with this nail art is waiting for each layer to dry completely so you don't have a mix of colors. This was probably my favorite look I've ever done, but expect to spend at least a hour on it!

Have a great weekend!


Holly said...

I love the fishtail!