Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BLAH... sick

Hello lovelys! Sorry for the delay in posts, I'm just not feeling well. I don't know what it is, I just feel so nauseas lately. Saturday I slept from 7 at night till 8 in the morning and Sunday I did the same thing. :( Anything I eat I feel like I'm going to throw up and my tummy is just in pain. My boyfriend and I ate at this chinese buffet and he actually has the same thing I do, but he actually threw up... something we must of ate....

Anyway, I discovered a new website which I'm in love with! I can't can't wait to order from it... here's what's in my shopping bag right now:




Rhinestone leggings! $7.50

$16.50 in black

and yellow





$4.50 cupcake necklace, of course :)


Yup, I might order some of this stuff tomorrow or thursday, I have to decide. But free shipping on orders over $50, what a great deal! Has anyone ordered from this website and have any feedback? Leave me know


KRYSTAL said...

wow those are some nice stuff! gotta check that website out, & that cupcake necklace is cuuute!

Edna said...

Hope you feel better. I'd stay away from Chinese restaurants unless the owners are Chinese also. Even in a pretty Urban city like Sacramento, I only goto one Chinese restaurant ..

Cute clothes. :)

Katrina said...

Feel better girl!! That website has some really cute stuff! Thanks for the info! Im going to have to order stuff! Im due with this baby in 3 more weeks and im SOOOO ready to start buying cute clothes again!!

DluxEdition.com said...

I love all the clothes!

Anonymous said...

wow. nice ! i'm checking the website out now, it's got so much great stuff at a good price :)

noone said...

I like the first tank top a lot. The yellow skirt is also nice especially for summer. Hope you feel better!!!

aileen said...

thanks for the fast payment hahah! I will ship the package out on Monday!as a priority mail, thats first thing to do at the morning, hahah! It takes about 5-8days for u to get them.

aileen said...

I tagged u in my blog!!

KimberlyZ said...

i actually have an agaci here where i live. they have really gorgeous clothes. especially their shoes. ;O to die for! lol

Rai said...

OMG! Thanks so much for this post.
Their clothes are fab!!