Friday, May 29, 2009

Collective Haul Video

Hello.. so I did some retail therapy today. I'm going away to Hershey Park, it's an amusement park, my absolute favorite amusement park. So I decided to go shopping for an outfit(of course!). And I also picked up a few things for the beach. I'm leaving this upcoming Wednesday.

I'll include pictures in an upcoming post, it's late and I'm kind of tired. I'm also doing another video tomorrow of something else.. But please please if anyone has any requests, please please please leave me know. I enjoy doing these videos and sometimes I don't know what to do them on, so give me a request any request, I'll be glad to fulfill :)

Anyway girls, talk to you tomorrow... here's the short video :)


Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl~
You totally went SHOPPING and bought so many stuff. I like how you describe everything u got is "Cute". That's the word I always say too to describe the stuff I buy. lol.
That cupcake tee u have on is super cute along with all the tops you got. I really luv that embroidered white tube top u got. Also luv the new hairstyle with the highlights.

I would so like to go on a vacation to somewhere out of CA.

I'm sure you're going to have a fun time Sunday and to Atlantic City sporting your new stuff. =)

Angela Pluck said...

Hey lovely! Holy crap you got some super cute stuff. Yaaay! I love shopping before I go on trips. It's so much fun. But not so much for Mr. Husband..hehehe. I especially love that Chinese Laundry belt it's pretty badass. Also, your hair looks gorgeous...I wish mine would get that long it's taking forever!! Grrrr!

Omg - my new obsession right now is beach wear and accessories..I've also been buying sun hats too..oh they make me happy :D I just love them.

Okay, well have fun on your trip!!!

Rai said...

Lucky you!! Chocolate galore!! lol
Have tons of fun. =D

That bow ring is so cute! And YAY! You find your white belt.
Great finds at Marshalls, that's a rare thing at mine.

Edna said...

Cute overload!

Have fun on Sunday & in Atlantic City!

Ana said...

you gotta love marshalls and tjmaxx i always find cheap stuff lol and i love that nailpolish color!

noone said...

wow you bought so much!! That's awesome love the video :D I just bought a bunch from Vancouver... so now I'm on a wallet diet for a month lol!

KRYSTAL said...

ahh love the vid! suppeeer cute stuff!! and thanks for that sweet comment.. im still tryna get used to the short hair tho haha!

aileen said...

i wish we have victorias secret here :D the shipping cost over 30 USD from USA to Finland, lol
ps. i hope u liked the candies ;)

KRYSTAL said...

hey girlie! i have an award for you in my blog! =] "the adorable blog! hehe