Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look for under $10

So I did a FOTD of the day for the eyeshadows I got from Big Lots by Physicians Formula.

Product List:

For Eyes: Physicians formula eyeshadow in "Baked Smores"
Revlons 3D mascara(also from Big Lots, I'll do review later)
Rimmels white eyeliner

Face: Nothing besides moisturizer

Lips: Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush lip gloss in "Bananas"(mmm my new fav!)


Physicians Formula in "Baked Smores" it's a matte palette, very very pigmented, I love! You can you this palette wet or dry, I used it dry in this look. I'm really happy with the results for $2.00. This is the only eyeshadows I used to create this look...







As great as MAC is, it's so damn expensive for a poor college student like myself, and I can't always spend the $14 for one eyeshadow.. so when I see a lot of people with FOTD using all MAC products it's frustrating... So here's a look you can create for under $10... To be exact it's $2.00 for the Physicians Formula, $3.00 for the mascara(but I'm sure you already have mascara) and $2-3.00 for the Rimmel white eyeliner... and I just used the black in the palette to create my eyeliner...

*Hmph* You can still look great using Drugstore Brands!



KRYSTAL said...

i totally agree, u can still look great using drugstore makeup! & i too dont really like spending $14 for just one eyeshadow from mac! haha

Edna said...

Pretty look, esp with the glasses :) U ROX MY SOX!!!

Edna said...

oh wait, i'm not wearing any :(

Sassy J'adore said...

Lovely blog. I too luv to bargain. I go back and fourth with brands and non-brand things. You look pretty in this shimmery look. =)
I'm going to follow your blog.

Carlinn said...

That looks great. love your hair!


damn girl. you look gorgeous in the glasses! love the neutral look! :D

and about the eyeko cream, i'm sure it'll become good use to me later on! and maybe you'll like it waaay more than me! :D

Ashleigh said...

Ive had bad experiences with that brand but YOU look gorgeous

Amy said...


I have yet to ever try Victoria's Secret makeup! Can you believe that? Do you really like their lip glosses?

aileen said...

Hi Vanessa!
please let me know when you have received the package <3
hope the customs didt grab it, nor crashed, hehhehh


Dana Yoshimizu said...

You look so cute with the glasses on !

noone said...

I agree that mac gets expensive!! Love the smoke look on you :D

K'arhol said...

flashy colors
stunning shoots
amazing black supermodels
/!\ ACTION /!\ Enter in the DARK BOHEMIIA !!

DluxEdition.com said...

Love your hair!