Friday, May 15, 2009

Victoria Secrets Semi-Annual Sale Online Haul!!

Today started Victoria Secrets semi annual sale, and I was all over that ;) I <3 Vicki's and I do much damage when it comes to this sale. I never really bought things online during the sale, but this year I seen quite a few things, so I couldn't pass it up. I believe, don't quote me, the sale IN-STORE starts June 16th. I emailed Vicki's twice about it and for that response twice, so if anyone heard anything different please leave me know! I attend ever sale, and go crazy, I think I might have a problem. But I thought I'd share what I got online, and when I get it, I'll show you!

Very Sexy Low-back multi-way bra with Gel-Curve

Victoria's Secret - Low-back multi-way bra with Gel-Curve®

Very Sexy The all new Miracle Bra push-up

Victoria Secrets Pink Ruffle Strip Dress

Victoria Secrets Pink Hoodie dress/cover up

Victoria Secrets Stripped dress... I want to wear this when me and the boyfriend go to Virginia to celebrate July 4th :)

Victoria Secrets Pink Crop denim distressed Jacket( I am in desperate need for a new one, the one I have is from 3+ yrs ago!)

Victoria Secrets Pink T-Shirt dress... i doubt I'm keeping this, I like it but I don't know.. I dont LOVE it

I got this bikini, never had a tube top one, so I'mma try it. I don't know if I'll like it...

The Miracle Bra push up bikini... I'm SO excited for this *crosses fingers* Give me boobs, give me boobs!!!!

Victoria Secrets Pink heart bikini(in pink, not blue)

Victoria Secrets Pink floral tiered skirt

Pleated strapless bra top dress

Srapless smocked dress... but in red/white check... adorable, can't wait to wear it!!

Might order more... might... hmmmm


Just ordered this order overall jumpsuit in black... it's too cute!!!

and these linen pants.. I <3 linen pants Marissa Fit Linen sailor pant in White


Elizabeth Marie said...

I love VS! And the miracle bra bikini changed my life!! haha! XO

KRYSTAL said...

cuuuuuuuute. i love all your purchases!

Amy said...

woah! you went all out for this sale! i'll have to check it out


i love love victoria's secret. too bad international shipping is just too expensive :(

i tagged you on my blog girl!

noone said...

I love VS and I love that white jump suit! It's so cute!! I wish it's warm enough here to wear half of those clothes now

Unknown said...

Ohhh I am madly in love with everything. I was just circling everything i want in the semi annual catalog. Haha. TONS of what you picked was on my list, that bathing suit with the shell is just to die for Im in love with it!! <3

Unknown said...

I definitely did a little damage as about a day ago ...exciting!!!

Aline said...

that low back bra is so cool....I am going to have to check out the sale!