Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day outfit

I'm uploading a new YouTube video right now, so I'll add that later. It includes the makeup I hauled... But anyway, for now you'll just have to accept me cam-whoring.. lol I got 2 new Pink dresses from Vicki's on clearance... The blue one I hope to wear on Memorial Day

With or without the belt???


Plain Pink Dress



Ok, that's all girls...

Have a wonderful night :)


Karen said...

hey hunny this is the site that i get my backgrounds ..

hope i helped :)

Rai said...

Super cute dresses!!
Looks better without the belt.
Maybe you should try it with a patent, white belt?

Iva Messy said...

im voting for without the belt :) CUTE DRESSES!

Edna said...

Without the belt = more goddess like

With the belt = I guess more trendy :)

I personally like it without the belt.

Rai said...

You're welcome! :]

And that belt sounds like it'll be cuter with the dress.

mszcheysser said...

What a pretty woman :) So sexy and divine! Mmmm! Haha!

I vote for no belt! It looks better without.

Amy said...

dress looks cute with or without the belt! i'm favoring it without right now though.

Aline said...

they are both really cute, but I think that you made the right choice:)