Sunday, June 21, 2009

King of Prussia Haul part 3 Collective Haul

Hello! I hope all those fathers out there are enjoying their Father's Day.. I just got home going out to eat with my father... it was a nice day. :) So since I am off on this lovely Sunday I decided to do my part 3 of my King of Prussia haul, this will be more of a collective haul of things I got there from random stores.... I did a video on it as well so here's that first...

Along with some photos... decorated for your viewing pleasure hahaha....

The whole mess of it..


This is from a store called Aldo..



Along with some white earrings, will be great for the summer and beach


A necklace from Guess


Detailing on it's adorable, it's absolutely perfect, you have your seashells your pearls, your rhinestones... it's perfect :)


Cute flip flops from Bakers


My new Juicy Couture charm... I love pretzels... especially soft pretzels mmmmMmmMm


From a new store called Temptations




And my favorite purchase of the day... my new necklace holder!!! :)




I hope for part 4 soon... I also have my Victoria Secrets Semi-Annual Sale haul videos coming soon!! :) Back to my regular grind, work all week... how exciting... :( lol


*~kAy~* said...

wow!! those aldo accessories are nice! my sis loves to buy aldo shoes :P

i really like the necklace holder as well :) i needa get me one of those!!! :P

Sherry said...

everything looks great :) hehe... how are you going to wear them?

KRYSTAL said...

you buy the cutest things! i love that necklace holder!

Sassy J'adore said...

I loveee accesories. They can totally spice up an outfit or add to it. All the stuff you got is fabulous and super cute. I would luv to see what you pair them with. ^^

Meagan said...

I love everything you got!!! The nautical necklace from Aldo is great.

Angela Pluck said...

OMG - I am absolutely dying over that damn Anchor Necklace!!! I loooooove it! Every time I see a freaking anchor I just have to have it. Good find sweetie.


noone said...

oooh I really like the anchor aldo necklace!! It's so shiny and orig! Thanks for the comment on my blog too :)

noone said...

ok I just e mailed you my contest entry!! :D finally!

Skye said...

love love love our haul and i get the rhinestone palette from ebay just look up nail art and many options should be available =D

Sally said...

I love the pretzel charm and the anchor necklace from Aldo. Ah. I like everything actually! You have good taste.

Edna said...

OMG, your necklace hold is adorable! I'm on a hunt for a cute one. Hopefully the kitties won't think it's a toy and paw at the necklaces :P

luvrin said...

Wow that's a lot of stuff! i love the Aldo earrings and the Guess necklace.

I'm a new follower. I've just found out about your contest... I'm contemplating joining! It's just hard to find the time with a baby... but hopefully I can come up with something before deadline!