Thursday, October 4, 2012

Outfit of the Day

I was originally going to post 2 outfits but for some reason I am missing my 2nd outfit.
And I'm really upset because I liked it. :/
Anyway, this is something I wore yesterday to work/internship.

This was taken early in the morning and please excuse my fiance's clothes thrown on the ground. 
lol. Guys. Just like kids. 
I'm wearing a Forever 21 cream top Ross Black pants, & Forever 21 Scarf. 
I wore my hair curly, something I hardly ever do, and when I do I always seem to get compliments.
I'm finding it much easier to style my hair my natural way, but still on the fence about it... 

I am going home this weekend because I have a 3 day weekend ahead of me.
I'm excited because I get to spend time with friends, and my dad's birthday is this weekend.
My family and I are taking my dad out for his birthday and I'm really excited to spend it with him.
I'm also excited to give him his birthday present. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week!


lauren said...

what did you get for your dad? i'm always so lost on what to get mine!! that scarf is cute! what kind of print is that? and i like your "natural" hair look!

lindah said...

You look so comfy! I like your scarf, I am on the market for one. I was thinking a nice black and white/cream one just because those are staple colors but I also want a colored one but I'm not sure which color yet!