Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Lately - Outfits

Happy Wednesday!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take pictures of anything because after work I continued with my running.
I swear it's the biggest stress reliever and don't understand why I didn't start sooner.

Anyway, I decided to share some things I've been pinning lately. :)

 photo 9e67c15a98eef8cfb964aceaa7de830b_zpsd0102219.jpg 

I need a long maxi skit like this. I could wear a tube top under it or a bandeau 

   photo 33bebce8b20744982a703ecf5bb4e61e_zpsfd985154.jpg
  photo 950667dd8a7803ec6a41d98ca8f7d0e4_zps240823b1.jpg 

This is adorable. I need to find a floral tank like that!

 photo cee959f70983d1ae85ae6bb5175ad0ab_zpsb54ebc43.jpg

I love this!
I need more maxi skirts!!

  photo 40bed6e9831a2f29ed475165ffe7cb13_zps28f9b25b.jpg

Just some cute outfits I've been pinning. 

Have a great night! :)


Unknown said...

Love them all :DxX

Holly said...

Cute! I love the idea of a cropped bustier with a maxi skirt!