Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Chevron Fabric Covered Cork Board

Happy Monday!

I'm so excited today because my best friend Lindsay had her beautiful baby boy; Grayson. 
I'm heading home either tomorrow or Wednesday to meet him! I'm sooo excited! :)

Anyway, I have DIY for you today. 
You may have already saw this on my instagram {vzaleski} this past week. 

When I moved into my new office someone left behind this sad looking cork board.
I didn't want to get rid of it because I thought I could use a cork board, and why buy one when I already had one! So I just needed fabric and push pins.

Needless to say this project cost me $5.00

You will need: 
1) Cork Board
2) Fabric (I bought mine from Joanns)
3) Thumb Tacks
4) Hot glue


I bought the thumb tacks from Walmart

Cover it with your fabric

I hot glued the fabric to the cork board

After hot gluing it, I also used the thumb tacks to secure it even more.

I used thumb tacks to line the edges.


  This is not my original idea, it's an idea I got off of Pinterest!
Where else do I get my ideas from? I don't have a creative mind! hehe
Just a little disclaimer. 

Have a great night!


Holly said...

Lol, love the disclaimer ;) I'm thinking of starting a post series linking to the ideas I've borrowed....

This turned out so cute!