Friday, August 8, 2014

H&M, Pandora, Bath and Body Works and More!

Happy Friday!

Do you ever just have one of the weeks that seem to take forever and just are generally bad weeks? It was just a bad week for me and I couldn't be happier that it's finally Friday and I'm home in my comfy pajamas with a cup of green tea. 
The last two weekends I have done a little bit of shopping (besides the Lush haul, which you can see in this post.) I made more cruise clothing purchases and other random purchases.

I picked up these two skirts for 2 for $16. What a steal! I was really attracted to the tribal print but than discovered the chevron one and who doesn't love chevron? These would be perfect with just a black tank and jean jacket.  

I also needed new scents for my car. I picked up my favorite Sweat Pea and I'm going to try the Farmstand Apple. I haven't tried that scent before (I don't think). But I think it'll go perfectly into the fall. 

The Fiance picked this up for me at Pandora in Atlantic City. Of course I'll wear this as a necklace. He didn't understand the reason for the & symbol, but sometimes guys just don't understand. haha

In Atlantic City they opened a new bakery called Boardwalk Cupcakes. They sold cupcakes and merchandise. I scored this t-shirt for $20. It's going to be too big, but I don't care! 

I found a ton of cute things in H&M but didn't have the time to try anything on, but I did manage to pick up this set of rings. They're perfect because even though it says Medium, they're all different sizes, including Midi rings (which are hard to find!). 

I'm excited to just relax this weekend. Sunday I'll be doing some shopping with my brother and Fiance, but other than that I'm considering it a relaxing weekend. Plus this weekend will be beautiful out, finally. 

Have a nice weekend every one!


palmandpineblog said...

LOVE that keep calm shirt. Have a great weekend :)

xo, tasha
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