Saturday, August 23, 2014

Home from the Cruise

Happy Saturday!

I can't tell you the last time I blogged on a Saturday, I missed you guys so much I wanted to throw in a quick post! My family, fiance & I just got home about 2 hours ago from the cruise. 
We had such an amazing time - with amazing weather and temperatures. 
We got extremely lucky (again) with no rain for our whole vacation. I'm so thankful. 
We went on the Norwegian Gem for a 7 night cruise. It's the same cruise line and cruise ship we went on last year. We had such an amazing time that we did it again this year. On our way home from the cruise we were talking about going again soon (possibly next year, if time allows with the wedding). 
If you haven't been on a cruise before, I highly recommend it, it's the best thing you'll ever do

This morning we were all up bright and early because we had to disembark at 8:00am. The fiance & I took the opportunity to watch the sunrise. (Something I haven't done in years, who likes to get up that early anyway!?) It was well worth it, even though I'm dragging my butt at 5:30pm. Haha.
When the sun was rising we were just porting in New York so we watched the sunrise over the New York City skyline. It was so pretty!

This photo was taken with my iPhone, wait until I show you it with my actual camera!

I haven't actually had a chance to look through all my photos from my camera because I took so many(we're talking close to 500 or more), I wanted to share a photo of the fiance and I when we were in port in New York City the first day. 
(Fiance was so relaxed he didn't even want to take the photo with me, Haha) Anyway, this is on Deck 12 (poolside) on the Norwegian Gem. In the background you can see some New York City buildings. I took a couple videos on us disembarking from New York City which you can see on my Instagram (vzaleski).

Anyway, I missed you guys! Glad to be back to posting. 

Have a great Saturday night and the rest of your weekend!


Holly said...

Looks amazingly relaxing!