Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recent Outfits: Atlantic City, 1st Birthday Party & Work Office Outfits

Happy Tuesday!

I currently have hair dye on the top portion of my hair to cover my roots for my ombre hair. Ombre hair can seriously last you forever, all you need to do is a couple touch ups here and there. Basically maintenance free! 
Anyway, I didn't have time to take photos of what I wanted to (recent purchases) so I'm settling for recent outfits I've worn these past two weeks. Some are work/office outfits, others are my outfits from the weekends. 

Tomorrow the fiance and I will be packing for our upcoming cruise on Saturday (as if you didn't already know that we were going, haha) so I'm hoping to do a post of what I'm packing on Thursday! So look forward to that. :)

Ruffle Tank Top: Forever 21/Pink Cardigan: Charlotte Russe/Skirt: Ross/Shoes: DSW Blowfish/Watch: Michael Kors/Bow Bracelet:Charming Charlies

 Weekend trip to Atlantic City
Dress: Target/Jean Jacket: Adam Levine for Kmart/Hair Band:Wal-Mart/Flip Flops: JCPenney
Button Up Dress: Tommy Hilfiger/Shoes: DSW Blowfish

For my best friend's son's 1st birthday party
Dress: Kohls/Jean Jacket: Ross

 Feeling professional with my hair pulled back.

Blazer: K-Mart/Tank Top: JCPenney/Black Pants: New York & Company/Shoes: Target

 Blazer, shirt, maxi skirt: JCPenney/Sandals: New York & Company/Necklace: Ebay

 Ebay Necklace!

I'm getting in a rut again with work outfits, unfortunately. 
What do you do when you're in a rut with outfits? 
I'm finding that I continue to go to dress slacks and it's boring with the same old shirts and pants. Do you change up your style with shoes or accessories? I need some help, honestly!

Have a great night.


Unknown said...

Hi Vanessa! I love that first outfit - it is so pretty! It is my favorite of your work outfits. I also love the blue patterned Tommy Hilfiger dress. I think you do a great job with your work outfits. I am not much help with the work outfits since I haven't worked in an office for about eight years. I used to work in Accts. Payable and Accts. Rec., so I used to wear a lot of skirts, dress pants and blazers and suits and other office appropriate attire. I wore lots of flats and high heeled pumps. I still have most everything in my closets. I have since gained way too much weight and none of that stuff fits me anymore! I can't seem to get rid of all of my dressy high heels I used to wear in the office even though I now only work part time in retail, so I don't really have to dress up anymore and I only wear flat, comfortable shoes now.

I love the pic of John peeking in! You two look like a great couple! I am so happy for you two and your upcoming wedding. Hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise. Can't wait to see your post on what you're packing!

Holly said...

I just love that bright pink cardigan!

Whenever I'm in a rut, I look at where I've been starting my outfits. If I have typically started with a top and built the outfit around it, I'll mix it up for the week and start my outfit inspiration with the shoes I want to wear that day, or the skirt and build from there