Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Meeting the Photographer & Questions I Asked

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

One of my top priorities for my wedding is to have an amazing photographer. 
The photographer was actually the second item I booked. 
I bet many bloggers can relate - they want amazing photos for their wedding. 
I wanted a photographer who can capture those moments that I will remember forever. 

One of the Wedding Shows the fiance and I went to had this amazing husband/wife photography business. They had amazing photos on canvas's that I just fell in love with. You can tell the style of photography just by looking at their samples. I did't want a point and shoot photographer - I wanted a photographer who can get those moments that are least expected. I didn't want a photographer bothering me while I'm enjoying my day, but at the same time, I want them taking a lot of photos. The photographer we got is Minnig Photography out of Bloomsburg, PA. Click here to see their website. 

The photographer is actually a big portion of our budget. But that's ok, because I knew that was one of the items I didn't want to cheat out on. I knew that it was important to my fiance & I so we were ok going into it. We got a list of pricings from them at the Wedding Show so we knew what we were going into. Believe me we thoroughly thought it through before we made the appointment to meet the photographers. 

Below are a list of questions I thought was important for our photographers:

1. Have you shot photos at our venue before?
They did once before. This was important to me because I wanted to see samples of their photos to see what kind of shots were possible. 

2. Do you work from a shot list? Can I see it?
Most photograhers do work from a shot list, so I wanted to see what kind of photos they typically take. But the photographers were so nice they showed up 5 books of wedding photos. By the end of seeing all the wedding books I knew that I liked their style of photos.

3.Can I request certain images for the wedding?
 Pinterest will do this to you! Of course I have a lot of photos saved to my Pinterest board that I want our photographers to capture. When I asked the photographers about Pinterest they laughed and said that Pinterest could be a good thing and a bad thing. A bad thing being that you capture the photos you want, but also miss out on other potential photos you don't even realize you may like. They stated for me to send a list of photos that I do like from Pinterest so we can recreate some, but they mostly want to see them so that they can see the type of style of photo I like. 

4. How many hours are included?
I was worried about this because I wanted them to capture photos of everything! Haha, I didn't want to be limited to a couple hours. Before going into the meeting I didn't know what they did. They are actually there as early and as late as we want them. He said that they can be there for us at 8 in the morning if we request it. And we're not limited to hours. We have them for our whole day!

5. How many images can I expect?
For our engagement photo shoot (which was a hour) we only got 40 pictures (I was so disappointed), with a typical wedding you should expect about 500 edited photos. With our photographers we will be getting 2,000+ photos that he is willing to edit with no extra charge. You may think that 2,000 photos is too much for you, but for me, it was perfect. 

6. Do you get the right to the photos or do I need to purchase them through a website?
This was HUGE for me! Our engagement photos we did not get the rights to and we HAD to purchase them through the website. A big no-no! Each 4x6 photo would have cost us $20, and the rights to one photo would cost us $50. With our photographer we have the rights to the photo and they're on the disc. We will be able to print them any where we want to. Which is perfect!

Photos are very important to me, so that's why we chose to spend a lot of money on that. For your wedding it may be different - it all depends on what is important to you. 
Stay tuned until next week for Wedding Wednesday!