Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Meeting with the Priest Part 2: Focus Inventory Exam

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I completely forgot that today was Wednesday, isn't that weird? I was sitting in my office and thinking about today and things I have to get done and what popped into my head but Wedding Wednesday! :) 
On Monday August 11, 2014 the fiance & I had another meeting with the priest. That day we were scheduled for a hour and a half meeting. We were scheduled to do an "inventory" exam. I had no clue what this would entail and I also had no clue what an "inventory" exam was!

So there Fiance and I go, after driving early in the morning from our home town to where we work (hour and a half away), worked from 8-5, and then drove home another half hour to get ready to meet with the priest for a hour and a half. Needless to say I was not looking forward to it! 

So basically the Focus Inventory exam for Catholics is like any standardized test you would take in school. It consisted of 200 questions that were fill in the bubble. We were placed in a room (together) and given this booklet of questions and an answer sheet. Of course the fiance and I conversed (quietly) about some of the questions. Some of them were just odd. Anyway, here's a list of the top three types of questions you should expect to see on the Focus Inventory exam if you're having a Catholic wedding:

1.) Have you and your fiance discussed fiances for your future? (so many of these questions and for good reason, it's the main arguments most couples have!)
2.) How do you and your fiance plan to raise your children? (a lot of variations of this questions)
3.) How will religion have an effect on your relationship? 

The priest said that he will need to send in our answers and we would need to schedule another meeting to meet with him in 2 weeks to discuss our answers and issues he may see in our relationship. 

Needless to say, I was not expecting that! I had no clue I would be questioned on some things (like intimacy) and how we would raise our children, etc. But I think they have it in place for a reason so I'll keep my thoughts to myself. Haha. 

Anyway, here's the outfit I wore to have the meeting with the priest:

Stripped Blazer: Kohls/Ruffle Tank: Forever 21/Black skinny pants: Forever 21/Flats: Tory Burch/Watch: Michael Kors

The fiance and I have been doing a lot of packing tonight, so this is my break away from it. He is all packed and ready to go, tomorrow I will finish my packing. Isn't it always harder for a girl to pack than a guy? A guy just puts together a couple outfits and is fine with it. Not me, I need to try things on. It's a process!


Holly said...

Cute outfit :) love the ruffles with stripes!

John always makes me so mad when he packs- I plan ahead and plan out every outfit, he throws a few things in a suitcase an hour before leaving! Always stresses me out. :)