Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Nails - Zoya Giovanna

Happy Thursday!

Happy 2nd day of Fall!
I can't believe it's already fall, I can't believe it's already the end of September, 2015 is almost over!

Today I am sharing and reviewing my first fall nail look. It's very basic and plan but I am loving this color. 

I actually received this color in an Ipsy bag. It's a color I would have never picked up myself but I found when I put it on, I actually really love the color. That's why I like being subscribed to the Ipsy bag every month, it's products I typically wouldn't pick up myself. It gives me the opportunity to try new and different products.

The color is Giovanna by Zoya.
You can't see it with this iPhone picture but it actually had a sparkle to it. 
I wore this color to an Eagles game I went to recently and it really matches the color of the Philadelphia Eagles!

Only down side - the color stains your nails!
Now my nails have a ugly green tint to them. But that's ok nothing a little baking soda and peroxide can't fix. 

Have a great and cozy evening!