Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Julie G Candy Shoppe Colors Review & Swatch - Pixi Stick

Happy Tuesday!

Today I am reviewing the Julie G nail polish from her Candy Shoppe Colors, Jelly Bean Finish in Pixi Stick. I bought a couple of these after watching her YouTube video on them. I was really excited to try them, but was let down. The nail polish is only $3.99 so it's not a huge loss. And why I don't like them is a matter of preference, so you may like them!

Pixi Stick:

I decided just to do my toes. My poor nails are still recovering from the gel manicure I had on my wedding day. Also, on my right foot my poor big toe was stepped on from dancing(not complaining!) so my toe nail broke and I'm still trying to properly shape it. 

The color is absolutely beautiful, but I don't like two things about the nail polish:
1.) It's very opaque, needed a couple of coats for this.
2.) It dries almost matte, so I topped it off with Essie's top coat to give it a bit of more gloss.  
Like I said before, it's a matter of preference. Maybe I should try the others, it could just be the color. If I find anything different I will report back! I do love Julie G's nail polishes! I love when she comes out with collections. She was the first YouTuber I ever subscribed too 7+ years ago and was super excited when she came out with her own nail polish line.

Also, a little side note: I brought out this guy today. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. I bought it last year. (I'm trying real hard to use up all my candles so I can buy new ones!)
My apartment smells like pumpkin right now. :)

Have a great night!