Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Hey girls! I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day! I know I did... ate some good food and had an awesome cherry milkshake... mmMMmMmmm... I uploaded a video to youtube this morning so I'm posting now...

Also here's some pictures of the day:


FACE: Nothing

Eyes: Rimmels White eyeliner
Victoria Secrets Very Sexy eyeliner in Aqua under my eyes
Physicians FOrmula in their Baked Collection
Revlons Mascara in 3D Extreme
Loreals Morning Glory Pearl eyeshadow

Lips: Beauty Rush Bananas



We went out to the lake today, so calming a beautiful


Me on a Kayak...


True out-doorsmen



At some state park we found



We went to our local grocery store to find this freakin awesome Hamburger/French Fries cake... the fries were made out of cake and the buns of the hamburger were also made out of cake everything else was icing... MmMmm I wanted it so bad.. but I have to be a good girl... :(


And I wore the dress WITHOUT the belt... thanks for your opinions girls!!


Ok girls, I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!!




Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl~
It looks like you had an awesome Memorial day. You look georgeous in your outfit and makeup. =) The weather looks awesome to kayak. I never tried kayaking before, but that looks like a lot of fun. =)

P.S I tagged u on my blog.

Edna said...

Yay, you went for the "goddess" look! Did you go kayaking in your dress too?? Glad you had a fun day :)

Rai said...

Love the photos taken!
YAY! The dress looks fab.

lol And you were on a boat in a dress? How was that?

OMG! That cake is sooooo cute.

Karen said...

the photos look great it looks like you had soo much fun :)

& you look GREAT!!

by the way that cupcake on top of your page is making me a liddle hungry hehehe

great post hun

KRYSTAL said...

love the makeup! and loveeellyy photos! =] looks like you had fun this weekend!

charlene-ann said...

hey, stummbled accross your page...=) lovely outfit =D

aileen said...

hey! i tried to post a comment for many times, but the blogspot didnt let me! Thank you for the video! hahah, they're candies! i sent u some finnish liquorice;) i dont know if u'll like or not, hahah. Lumene is a leading nordic brand. Selling hot here :)

u look soo happy in the pics ! and u must have had lotsa fun! ;)

Angela Pluck said...

Hey Hun, Love the dress! Especially the color. Also, OMG - I just started going Kayaking and OMG I love it so much!!! We are actually going to Newport Harbor this weekend to do some of that! I can't wait. Anyways you look beautiful!

charlene-ann said...

hey again, thanks for the vote...yeah i feel like such a loser for actually trying to do the contest but thats ok...=p...BTW those cupcakes on the top of ur blog is making me want some...hehe

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hey love!
I'm so glad you had such a fum Memorial Day, the dress looks fabulous!

And can we talk about your hair? its GORG! What do you use? (I'm obsessed with hair) :)


Unknown said...

hiii thanks for dropping by! i love ur blog too! the dress is super cute btw!

Aline said...

that looks like it was so much fun!