Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look for Under $10 Part 2

Hey girls/guys! I have another look I did for under $10. I'm using all the same products listed in my other entry for Look Under $10 except for the eyeshadow I'm using the other eyeshadow palette from Big Lots by Physicians Formula. It's more of a casual look, and not too flashy but I thought I'd list it anyway. The palette is a Wet/Dry Luminous Matte eyeshadow. From their Baked Collection in Baked Sugar. I really like this palette because it's simply and easy and the shadows are super easy to blend! AND only $2.00!




On a side note my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to Knoebels Amusement Park here in Elysburg PA. If you're from PA you would know what I'm talking about. He said to me this morning let's going looking for Mercedes because he looks into buying a new car, well he was going the same route as the way to this Knoebels Park, and there was a sign for the amusement park, and I was like "We're going to Knoebels aren't we?" He's like "What? I want fudge." lol... So here's 2 pics from our trip, I have more listed on my myspace page, but for now here's 2 of them...


Clowns scare me, but he was friendly so I was ok with this.. haha


Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I have a NYX haul I want to show, and of course more clothing! :) You know me!!



Unknown said...

Oh that looks so fun, I love the pictures!! Clowns freak me out too haha

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love when boys try to surprise us hahaha!

That palette is 2 dollars?! Thats perfect for neutrals where you really can't go wrong! I'm sooo getting it! XO

mszcheysser said...

That pallete is super cheap! Awesome! ;)

Ahh! So nice to do something with the boyfriend. ♥

Karen said...

i love your hair color !!

& that makeup pallete is super cute & cheap!