Friday, May 22, 2009

My Haul from Aileen(

A BIG BIG thank you to Aileen from for my wonderful package. More like a care package! I was super-excited when I seen I got your package. I was actually having a really bad day that day, but when I came home and got your package you made my day. :)

For the people that don't know Aileen makes her own jewelry and sells them on her blog( Please check her out. Her stuff is too cute for words. So I ordered a bracelet and necklace, and she threw in a cupcake cell-phone lanyard, and a ton of candy AND samples. You spoiled me hunny, thank you so much!

Without further a-do... Here's my care package:

Neatly wrapped


A cute note adorned with jewels


The ADORABLE packaging, I'm a sucker for cute packaging... :)



My cupcake/sushi bracelet






My cupcake/sushi necklace with a bow




My ADORABLE cell-phone cupcake lanyard



On my cellphone matches it perfectly. :)


Samples.. MMmmmMmm


Thank you again Aileen, you made my day... made my WEEK! Thank you so much. EVeryone make sure to check out her stuff, it's adorable, and AFFORDABLE!

Just in case anyone didn't know Victoria Secrets Very Sexy makeup is being discontinued, so yesterday they marked everything to 75% OFF!!! I got a ton of stuff for under $30 They also marked down a lot of their bras to 19.99 and panties are 10 for $25.. normally 5 for $25... good deal! They also marked down some of their Pink collection, I picked up 2 dresses, I'll post tomorrow. And a lot of their little accessories are 50% off. Along with swim wear is marked down. But sale officially starts the 16th, and some stores open at 7:00AM sharp!!! I'll be that CRAZY shopper! haha.

I'm dying my hair tomorrow to a light reddish brown, so I'll post pictures and stuff over the weekend.



Tiff said...

I love the necklace and bracelet, they're so cute! I'm gonna check out her blog.

Rai said...

Love the packaging, super cute!!
Aww, I love the jewelry.

You really love cupcakes, huh?

I heard about the VS sale!!!
I totally can't take advantage of it... too much spent towards makeup. =[

Sassy J'adore said...

That is some cute stuff u got. It's like cupcake sweetness, but not ediable. lol. =)

Karen said...

lucky you i never received anything =(

lol :o)

you remind me of strawberry shortcake :)

Edna said...

Wow, you're right about the packaging. It's way too cute! Who could say no to cupcakes and sushi? :)

KRYSTAL said...

wowww i LOVE the package! super cute bracelet!

Angela Pluck said...

Woooow! Very adorable! They look so yummy! OMG I want some now!!! LOL!

Pen Pen said...

That stuff is insane!! I need one!! now!!!