Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Atlantic City Haul Part 2 of 3

Hey girls!! Here's part 2 of 3 from my Atlantic City/LBI haul... it's just a short 3 min video... so enjoy :) And if you wanna see pictures from any of these hauls leave me know!

So the boyfriend and I might be taking another mini-vacation to Atlantic City again... We both feel like we need to hit up the beach again.. but we'll see. Depends on the weather!

As anyone seen Forever 21's new line called Twist??? I must say, I absolutely love this stuff. I wish I lived near a Forever 21 so I could swap up these cute things...

Some of the outfits I like

I love the top!

This dress is so adorable

I love the skirt

And they must be getting a great response from it because a lot of items are already sold out... :( Pooie

The boyfriend and I decided on the winner....!!!!


Catanya said...

Great vid!! I hope you can go to Atlantic city again and enjoy the sunshine!

KRYSTAL said...

love the video! i always love watching ur haul videos, btw those new f21 clothing like is so adorable!

kalai said...

oo.. guess^^ i like the pants. they look v comfy~

lindah said...

can't watch the video because my dsl is like 56k :( well, that's like everyday! lol

and the new f21 looks soooo cute :) I think it'll look good if I wear it, but I don't think it's very wearable! lol xD But I'd probably buy one thing from there.. :)

and good lord lady! Does your work let you off for all these getaways? :D

Angela said...

For the longest time I hated Forever21 but lately they have been having some super cute pieces..soo...I am definitely gonna check them :D. Again nice haul video sweetie!