Monday, August 3, 2009

Glam Sparkle Pop Order and Bracelets :)

Hey girls!! When I came home from Long Beach Island I had a little package waiting for me!! I love packages, it's like Christmas. I ordered from Julie at Glam Sparkle Pop. I order the Vintage bow with Swarovski crystals, and a pink bow hair clip...

Omg girl you have talent!! These things are so cute and so adorable!! I absolutely love them... I can't wait to sport them, and when I do I'll take pictures. :) So girls if you're looking for cute and affordable bow hair clips check out Glam Sparkle Pop!! :) Such a catchy name too haha...

Enough of me... take a look at them, they're gorgeous. :)

The whole lot of it, thanks Julie for the candy too!! :)


Her adorable note


The two hair clips I ordered


The Vintage Bow hair clip, love this one!! I'd like one in black if possible???


The pink/white bow hair clip


This is where I try to keep all of my hair clips.. but as you can see the cupcake is over flowing... so I have a huge little storage bin for now, so I keep the ones I like the most in here... :)


Some of those ones on top are ones I made last winter...



So I was shopping the other day and I stumbled across these 2 adorable bracelets... and my boyfriend offered to buy them for me... :) I <3 them...






Thee end...


lindah said...

Julie is sweet :D I got mine today! lol, I love everything :) They're extra special because you know it's homemadeee! and that heart looks like the infamous DSK heart! Your boyfriend is a sweetieeee :D

R.C. said...

OMG that cupcake pot is too cute!!!

Sarah said...

Pretty bows and gorgeous bracelets!! :)

KRYSTAL said...

i LOVEEE the bracelets!! esp the swarovski hearts on em! wowww. where'd you purchase them!? btw, love the GS&P bows!

*~kAy~* said...

julie's bows are adorable! especially the vintage one :)
so nice of her for extra goodies :P

the bracelets look so cute too! the hearts add a nice touch to them :)

Pop Champagne said...

Aww thanks for the post and I'm glad that you like them! :D Btw those two bracelets are so cute, and your bf is super sweet :)

Angela said...

Very nice...those bracelets look so pretty :D

AleHarlow" said...

Hey i have a question:
how do you storage all your hair accessories and