Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Back to School Haul

Hello! I bought some things awhile ago, and did a video on it, but never blogged about it, and as I was cleaning up my room, I found this bag of goodies that I forgot to share... it's a little haul that I bought from JCP. Hope you like!

Plaid button up, I'll probably pair this with jean shorts or skinny jeans, or maybe even a denim skirt with my new boots I got from!

Also a butterfly-sleeve shirt by Decree. Just a plain blue. I already featured this shirt in one of my outfits of the days. :)


Some cute sandals. I don't own a pair of grey flip flops like these, and they were on CLEARANCE!! Plus they're super comfy..

Along with a pair of blue sandals.. :)


I love love this light weight scarf. It cost me a whopping $5.00. It'll be perfect for transitioning into fall. Can't wait to wear it with like a denim jacket or a white dress or white jeans would look nice with it. :)



And I saved the best for last:


My beautiful studded hidden wedge shoes!! I love love love them!!! :)


Here's my little video on the stuff too...


Saimese said...

hey hun,
loving the blue sandals the grey flip flops. i just got the package i already tried the lippies and i've been flipping through the book. the maxfactor eyeshadow broke on the way though.. can't wait to try everything out. everything looks great :D thanks

rae630 said...

I'm loving the hoodies!!! soooo cute! and i love the black shoes! <3 Rina

CocoBella said...

Great haul, I loveee that scarf!!

tiff said...

I love the studded shoes! That plaid shirt is really cute too.

He was standing on his toes because he said I was cheating my height too much with the shoes I was wearing :D.

lindah said...

I'm loving all of your shoes :) You really got them for a great deal! ^_^

*~kAy~* said...

you always have great haul posts! :)
love your shoes! <3

Sassy J'adore said...

Cute stuff you ordered. I'm trying to catch up with blog reading these couple of days.

I dunno why your blog posts aren't showing up on my dashboard. so weird.

Yummy said...

I need to get some jewelry/accessory holders didn't think of claires it's on my to do list now !!! lol