Friday, August 7, 2009

Naked Desserts Products VS. Lush Products and Review

I've been wanting to this a while now, and since I'm finally off from work today, I thought today was perfect. Like I posted in an earlier post I got a ton of products to try out from I wanted to compare these products to the ultra expensive products from Lush. All items I got here are under $6.00! And their website is known for all items under $6.00 :) Great deal for a girl on the budget right? So here are the items I got:

Strawberry-Banana Bath Bomb $2.99


Cotton Candy Cupcake Bubble Bomb $4.49


Pink Lemonade Bath Bomb $2.99


Pearberry Natural Loofah Soap $3.29


Berries 'n' Cream Massage Bar $3.49


Pink Lemonade Bubble Bar $5.25


Fairy Dust Bath melt $2.99


Pink Lemonade Cupcake Bubble Bomb $4.49


Shipping was kind of expensive... But it's definitely worth it. I've heard some horrific stories about how Lush packages their products... well Naked Desserts makes sure everything is neatly packaged, and protected. There's no way these babies are going to break. Not only that, every item is labeled! Which is a super plus to anyone who is first starting out with these products. i feel like when I first started using Lush and still to this day, I'm confused about what products I'm actually getting and what they're used for. But with the cute note cards telling me what the products are from Naked Desserts it's so much easier!! You can tell they put a lot of time and care into their packaging...

As for how the products actually work??? AWESOME! I've used a few of the products and I feel like they are very comparable to Lush. Once I use all of them I can rate them individually. But for the price, it's not hurting the bank to just try them out, even if you hate them!

I did a video on it as well... So please check that out. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!! :) I'm sorry it had to be 2 videos I went over by 1 min and they deleted it, so I had to redo this... wasted 2 hrs! grrrr lol



lindah said...

oooh I'm going to watch your video tonight when I get fast internet :) haha! and I want to do a tutorial tonight.. not on that eyeliner look but on my colour craft #2 look :D Think I should?? And I bought tons of stuff from Julie :P

Saimese said...

Those look so cute! They really did put a lot of effort into packaging their products & labelling them. I love the cupcake ones.. it really does look like it's icing

Courtney!;* said...

i LOVE lush, but they are a little bit expensive. I'm gonna take a look at naked desserts & see about ordering from them. thanks for the info. :]

*~kAy~* said...

nice! :) i was waiting for this review :)
thanks.. the naked desserts products look great! :)
price is reasonable too :)

Anonymous said...

naked desserts looks gr8....thx for the review

kamyara kay make-up said...

omg how nice they look <3 i wish could eat them ^__^

eki said...

what a great find! :D you looks so gorgeous in your vid :)

thank you for always leaving me with such a sweet comment Hun~ <3

AleHarlow" said...

Hey ladie!
i love all your post,outfits and hauls that you makee, so cool :)!

Elphaba said...

Lush products are sooo them too!

KRYSTAL said...

naked dessert is so cute!! they definately look better than lush lol