Saturday, August 8, 2009

Loreal Advanced RevitaLift Product Review

I'm super excited to talk about this product today!! I bought this about a week ago and I absolutely love it!! Here's the YouTube video I did on the product...

But just in case you want to skip that... here's my little review with pictures...

Price? $13.97 at Wal-Mart

What it says it does: Loreal Paris introduces ADVANCED REVITALIFT DOUBLE EYE LIFE, a revolutionary 2-step eye treatment that minimizes wrinkles and puffiness and instantly**(results within 1 hr) re-tightens the upper eye area

What I think about it I absolutely love this product so far! Not only does it work as a eyelift/wrinkle reducer but it's also a great makeup BASE!! Ya, no kidding! I noticed when I first put on the upper eye gel it actually brought out the COLOR of my eyeshadow... along with keeping my eyeshadow in place ALL day!! NO JOKE! lol... So now when I apply my makeup all I do is apply this product, let it dry, like you normally would with any cream/gel.. then apply my eyeshadow... no eyeshadow makeup base needed with this!! Normally I spend $19 on Too-Faced eyeshadow insurance.. well this product just saved me $19.
I especially love how you can feel your upper eye area tightening after you apply this product, I love IMMEDIATE results and this is what this product really does! As far as the under eye cream... I'm suppose to notice results within 4 weeks.. so I'll keep you posted!! ;)

Tips to prevent those fine lines
  • Do NOT tug on your eyes, what-so-ever!

  • When applying any kind of makeup under your eye area use your ring finger as this has the least amount of pressure

  • Try not to rub your eyes!

  • Always if you have to put any pressure on your eyes go from the outer corner of your eye to the inner,so your not stretching your skin any more that you already do

  • Try these kind of products when your young, it only helps prevent it in the long-run

  • SUNSCREEN! No tanning!(yes I'm so guilty of this!)

  • CONS None as of now


    Use in the AM and PM
    Step 1: Under Eye Anti-Wrinkle Cream
    Apply small dots of the white under eye cream below the eye and on crows feet with the ring finger and smooth gently until thoroughly absorbed!

    Step 2: Massage a small amount of the red upper eye lifting gel evenly across the upper eye area. Allow to dry for 1 min for an immediate lifting sensation!

    QUICK NOTE: This product was awarded Best Beauty Buy 2008 by InStyler :)

    Some pictures of it




    Anyone else use something different that they feel like is any better???


    Amanda K said...

    Thanks for the review.

    kalai said...

    sounds good-- i was looking for a better eye cream. thanks.

    Angela said...

    Hello sweety! I got the boots online at I love them I even have the 3-layer fringe in black and the front lace in brown :D. I loooooove them soooo.
    BTW...good review thanks!!!


    KRYSTAL said...

    oo thanks for the review!! will definately try it out soon!

    Sassy Jadore said...

    Hi sexy,
    Sorry I've been away from blogging for awhile. I've been a tad lazy I think, but at the same time busy with other stuff. I missed u too.
    Thanks for the great review on the product. You look gorgeous in the video. =)

    Pop Champagne said...

    hmmm really? does it get rid of black lines under your eyes? if it does I'm going to walmart and buying myself one of those tonight!! I've tried everything and I can't get rid of the bags under my eyes...

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