Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bath and Body Works Haul

Picked up some things for the apartment at Bath and Body Works since I seen they had their holiday scents/gift sets out. :) I bought 2 wallflowers, one for my bedroom, and one for our hallway. And can you believe it they have Winter Candy Apple as one of the scents for wallflowers?! I was too excited, not only do I love the scent, but John does too!! So for 2 wallflowers and 2 refillables, it was $20, and if you spent over $15 in the store, you get any item in the store $13 for FREE. So I picked up Winter Candy Apple soap.





I'm truly a sucker for Christmas. :)



Dana Yoshimizu said...

Nice! ;D

I just love the sales that Bath & Body Works has! I always stock up :)

And thanks for the sweet comment girl!

Toni Tralala said...

Who isn't a sucker for Christmas? :) I love how their products have such addicting scents! :)

TLF said...

Dark Kiss (I think that's the name) is my new fav scent from them!!

Unknown said...

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE WINTER CANDY APPLE thats my #1 favorite winter scent my sister is buying me the bodyspray & handcream set for christmas I can't wait for christmas to come so I can use it!