Friday, July 1, 2011

Victoria Secrets Bikini

My fiance bought me this adorable bikini off of and it came today and I'm a little disappointed. I absolutely love the top, it's so cute, I'm just very disappointed with the bottom. They are a medium and look like an XS to me!!! I'm not even going to try them on, it'll make me too depressed, and on top of it, they're "supposedly" a medium. Um, ya, no they're not. They're by a brand called ANK, and seriously if that's a medium I need an XLarge. Grr. Damn all those cupcakes. So I'm showing you guys the bathing suit, but don't get too excited I need to find new bottoms! :/

I adore how well the blues go together, but I also have a yellow bikini bottom I bought from Victoria Secrets that I adore, and am wondering on your opinion. I was just looking for the yellow bottoms to do a comparison, but I had no luck finding them (another thing that aggravated me). So The starfish has gold lining so I figured yellow would look very cute with it. Once I find them I'll post, and have to get your opinion, but for now, look at my disappointing bikini.


LOVE the starfish, it's probably my favorite bikini top in the whole world!! :D I love starfish!

Talk to you guys later!!