Thursday, June 30, 2011

NOTD Ulta Babydoll

I've been having an urge to buy matte nail polish colors. I wanted to paint my nails a bright matte baby pink, so I decided to go through my nail polish and see what I had. And I came across this little treasure. It's from Ulta and it's in the color babydoll. I actually got this nail polish in a freebie when you purchase something. I absolutely love the color! Reminds me of the Essie colors. Which, by the way, I'm dying to buy, but just so darn expensive!! :P I just did my nails right before this photo so they're kind of crappy around the edges, but I do love this! Given that it's a pastel color, it didn't take me a million coats, it actually only took me two!



I probably should have taken the photos during the day, but I was just so busy today I could only take photos at night, and I had to blog, of course. :) So I'm sorry for the short post. Talk to you guys tomorrow!


Schnelle said...

What a great neutral! Very pretty. I'll be sure to post that review of the elf mist. It probably won't be until after I get back from Italy-I'll put it to the test there!

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