Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook Page & Week in iPhone Pictures

Yesterday I spent some time editing my blog page and I also created a Facebook Page. 
You can find my Facebook page(icon) to the right =>
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I'd forever love you if you "Liked" it! <3 hehe

Anyway, I took some photos throughout the week on my iPhone and I'm doing another blog post of "Week in iPhone Pictures" I really enjoy doing this, it's fun so here they are. :)

When my fiance's parents came to visit we did a little shopping and in this store they had all kinds of fun kitchen gadgets and I thought this apron was really funny!

This is also really neat it's a batter dispenser for your cupcake, right now I use a ice cream scoop, I wonder if this would make it easier? Anyone own this?!

My favorite vanilla extract! 

My fiance's mom brought down our Valentines Day gift. I can't believe it's been over a month since we've been home!

Anyone willing to do my tax homework? Blah. 

My list of things to do for the day. Is anyone in accounting? Did anyone take Auditing yet? It's like the capstone of Accounting, and this class is killing me. I have to do an actual audit on a company and it's really hard!

Got this email from ebay!! 8 years on eBay, insane!

Ice cream and cherries my favorite!

Trying out a new wallflower, (I usually use Sweet Pea), this one is Passion Flower. I have the scent in a candle and I love it, but sometimes they smell different on a wallflower. 

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