Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week in iPhone Photos

Another Saturday full of random photos of the week. 

I love this. 

I hope you guys do too!

Bought these adorable yoga shorts from.... Wal-Mart!! $5.00!!

Took advantage of the weather and sported my University tee, rolled up my jeans, and wore FLIP FLOPS!

 The river by where we live.

RIP Sony, comparison of the two, I guess. lol

I finally received the screen protector for my camera, so I'm now using my new camera(as mentioned in a previous post.)

I forget what magazine website I printed this from, but it's definitely helpful.

So I found this in my closet when I was going through some things. How about this is suppose to be a game, you toss it around like it's a hot potato and when it stops singing that person loses. 

Hemi, my pillow pet that I sleep with every night, he was looking at me when I was making the bed, so I had to snap a photo. :)

We came home for the weekend and since it's so nice out, I decided to clean my car, these are the stuffed animals I always ride around with. My dad gave me one and the rest my fiance won for me. :)

I seen one of my best friends this weekend and she gave me these chocolate filled eggs! Love her!

Cupcake socks!

My fiance made this out of our straw paper. Funny. 

Well that's all I have for you guys today. I did some shopping over the weekend so I'll share on Monday. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 
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Thanks for reading!!


Schnelle said...

oh my what a great deal on such cute shorts! I'll have to check them out.