Monday, July 23, 2012

Fitting Room Pics, New Dress!

My Fiance & I are heading to Atlantic City very soon and I'm looking for some new things to wear.
I stumbled upon two cute dresses in JCPenney's that I really liked, and only ended up walking away with one.

This was on sale for only $17. 
I really liked the shape and the strips on this one.
This one was a size too big on me, but I thought I'd try it anyway.

Unfortunately, it made me look wider than what I really was, so I didn't walk away with it.

Now this one I fell it love with as soon as I tried it on. 
I had thought it was just a maxi dress, but it ended up being the short skirt inside and long dress outside, does that make sense?
The color, the fit, everything I love about this.
This one is $45.

Happy face.

What I also like about the dress is the length. I can never find maxi dresses long enough for me!
I'm 5'9" pushing 5'10" so the dresses are made too short for me, this one is perfect. I'm so happy with it!

This one will be packed away in my suitcase for a day out shopping.

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm off from work so I plan on relaxing and catching up with some homework. 

Thanks for reading!


B said...

I agree with you the stripped dress doesn't compliement you as well as the maxi. Ithe color and fit is gorgeous.

lauren said...

omgg i LOVVEEEEE THE MAXI!!! im about to go to my pennys to look for it!! <3 adorable!

palmandpineblog said...

How fun! Love this post. The peach maxi looks great on you!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Beautygirl24 said...

That maxi is perfect on you! Great for a Summer trip!

Adele said...

Adore the maxi dress on you!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo