Saturday, July 7, 2012

Haulin' in Long Beach Island

I'd like to share some of the things I purchased while I was on vacation in Long Beach Island. 
I figured while I was unpacking I'd take pictures of everything so I could put it away. 
This will be picture heavy, I'm sorry!

I only picked up one thing from Atlantic City when we spent the day there..
Does anyone else notice the difference in price at Juicy Couture? I feel like they were really discounted or they were just having a sale, I'm not sure.

I picked up adorable little fish earrings.

All their jewelry was $25, marked down from $48 to $34.99 to $25. I was happy with my purchase.

Everything else was purchased in LBI.
My wonderful fiance picked this up for me, a TY Hello Kitty. :)
She's going in my car with me!

Some new sunglasses. I love these, they fit well.

Bow & starfish.

LBI is known for their crabs, and crabbing, so I picked up these with starfish, and I already wore the little crabs, adorable. :)

I'm not sure what is with me and blue and green, but I love the combo. 
I also picked up this sailor knot bracelet. It's so cute, and was only $1.99!

When my best friends came to visit at LBI, the one showed me an adorable little shop that is all homemade items and I stumbled upon these. They're so cute!

Glitter eyeliner,  very cute colors! It's like a green and teal with some silver. 
Reminded me of a Urban Decay one. I've been wearing this over a blue shadow that I used as eyeliner and it really makes your eyes pop.

Yay for Essie nail polishes. One store at LBI sells discount makeup/jewelry/purses and I picked up these Essie nail polishes for $6.00 each. I feel like I need more solid colors, I have A LOT of glitter nail polishes, or polishes with glitter in them, not just basic colors.

I picked up two nail polishes from the Minnie Mouse collection, the one on the right has hearts as glitter, I LOVE it. (again with me buying glitter nail polishes, this one is justifiable, it has hearts as glitter in it, and I've been wanting it!) lol.

I also picked up a new Dior mascara, it's my absolute favorite mascara ever! It's only $15.99 at the store. 
I also picked up this Urban Decay palette originally $36 for $20.99!
I swear I'll buy any Urban Decay palette or Too Faced palette, I love their shadows. :)

I also picked up these Yoga shorts for $9.99 for working out.

This is my most exciting purchase. It's a dress you can wear 7 ways and I've been wanting one for SO long. Expect they're so much money, guess how much I scored it for? $19.99!

I also picked up this Mango body soap, smells so good, and homemade!

Anyway, that's my haul from LBI. I hope you enjoyed!


Schnelle said...

cute stuff! I love Urban Decay shadows too. That palette has so many great shades in it too. That dress sounds awesome- what are the different ways that you can wear it?

Rose. said...

Great haul! I love the fish earings and the makeup :)

Rose x

Michelle said...

You picked up the cutest earrings. Dress you can wear seven ways? You should show it off in a post.

Natasha xoxo said...

Love the Juicy cute!

<3, natasha @ twenty-something blog