Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation Day 7 & 8

Vacation Day 7 & 8 my best friends came down and we celebrated my friend's 25th birthday!
It was so much fun. 
I don't have a lot of photos from that weekend, but I'll share the few that I do have.

My friend and I decided to surprise her with a Too Faced palette that she has been wanting for a while. I believe it's called Summer palette, so as soon as they came in we bought it for her and surprised her with it. 
She was speechless. :)
We even made her open her gifts up on the beach.. hehe.

My very best friends! Lindsay to my left and Michelle (who is also my cousin)!

We spent 5 hours on the beach. 
It was awful for us. 
We had to wait for our hotel to allow us to check in, so we had no choice but to sit our butts on the beach. :)
I enjoyed it though because I knew it was one of my last days there and I was happy to spend a lot of time relaxing.
I even went into the ocean, something I haven't done in 3 years. 

This is a side view of our hotel that we stayed at.
Isn't the name cute? Surf City Hotel.
I definitely do recommend it. It's very clean and on the same block as ocean side. 

 This is where we at dinner. BayBerry Inn. 
They sell all kinds of seafood, and guess what I got?
A burger, but not any kind of burger a Angus burger, yup first time. 
I want it again!!

The following day when we were walking to have breakfast we saw these adorable Hello Kitty bikes. $439.99!

Here's more photos of us on the beach but these were from my friends iPhone so they're not that great of quality. Damn it iPhone get with the times. 

This is just a funny inside joke. I had Michelle braid my hair and I was telling her what a great job she did so we just took photos. haha.

The last one is also from instagram, we climbed good old Barnegat Light and took a photo. 

That concludes all my vacation! Boo! 
I enjoyed doing these posts.
I do have iPhone photos from the week I'm going to share tomorrow.
I have so many pictures to share of things I've purchased recently and everything. it's out of control.

Thanks for reading!