Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation Day 2 & 3

Continuing on with my vacation with Day 2.
It was a really enjoyable day. We were able to get some much needed sleep and then went off to the beach.
We spent a good portion of our morning there. 
It was just so nice to relax and lay on the beach. Especially with my new beach chair. :)

Our beach home for the week was about 1 1/2 blocks to the beach in a town called Ship Bottom. 
I absolutely love their entrances to the beach and this was ours for the week. How adorable.

My Fiance and I on the beach the first day.
Yes, I still have the same Victoria Secrets Wrap. It's about 3 years old now and it's still my favorite! :)
I do need to purchase a new one...
Anyway, look how clear the sky is and how clear the water looks, it's Heaven. 

The reason Long Beach Island is one of my favorite beaches, especially in New Jersey is because the beaches are so clean. This picture really justifies that.

Little seagull hopping around. lol

 Clear skies! 
Notice the airplane? 
There's a little town on the island called Beach Haven with all kinds of shops and food and they always advertise with airplanes like these.

Miniature golf is one of the popular things to do down there and there is a ton of them!

My Fiance and I mini-golfing. I'm pretty sure I came in 2nd place. :)
Notice my hair? I have bangs and more blond!! 
My hair is kind of crazy in this photo. 
I finally took the plunge and got side bangs though. I'll have to take a better photo when I have time.

This was late at night on the beach. The guys were playing catch. :)

Unfortunately, the 3rd day it rained all day. So I have nothing exciting to share besides that we had an amazing dinner at the house and we spent our day working on homework. 
It was definitely nice to relax and stay in though!

Thanks for reading!